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I just wanted to say thank you and express my good impression of the MISSL club. Today I came home and there was a box from Mike Reily in the mail. At first the name wasn't even familiar, but once I realized who it was, I still had no idea what would be inside. Much to my surprise, it was all the stuff that was handed out at Dreamapalooza! I had registered for the show but was unable to make it (I know, I really missed out!). Of course, I didn't expect to get anything; the registration fee was my contribution to keep these events going. Remember a couple years ago when individuals had to spend money out of their own pockets to be sure everything was paid for? There was even talk of not having any more national events if attendance didn't start going up. But I digress.

So I open the box, and here's all this great stuff, beginning with a letter telling me why I got it. This was very professional, in my opinion, of the MISSL guys, to go to all the trouble of boxing this stuff up (I imagine I'm not the only recipient of the goody bag?) and sent out to everyone who couldn't make it. Granted, what would they do with a bunch of extra stuff with Dreamapalooza printed on it.. but still.

Thanks a lot guys, I appreciate it! :D :D :D

One thing though, I'd feel a little weird putting the plaque up in my trunk lid, since I didn't go to the show. How does that sit with everyone else?
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