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Dyno Tuning at Nats with PCMForLess and Bryan Herter

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Ok all you racers, whether it's drags, autocross, or road course, we know you want to be at your most powerful for Nats so we've arranged Bryan Herter from to be there tuning cars on the dyno all day Wednesday.

Bryan will be tuning all day WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 7th AND JUST ADDED SATURDAY, AUGUST 10th. Sign up now to grab your slot.

Wednesday filled up right away, now we are booking Saturday during the car show.

We knew people would want a Wednesday dyno session since they would want to be tuned BEFORE competing in the performance events Thursday and Friday. During the all day car show and awards ceremony Saturday Bryan will also want to do dyno tuning and it will be a cool side show while seeing all the amazing cars in the show.

Bryan will also be available all week to do tuning in the parking lot, but not sure of the dyno availability. If we have enough demand we can roll out the dyno one night as well I'm sure. So don't stress if you can't get there Wednesday or Saturday, Bryan will try and take care of you.

$175 for DYNO TUNE (3 pulls) and $100 for a non-dyno tune during the week from Bryan at his/your convenience. You will also pay $60 for 3 pulls to the dyno operator for a total of $235. Also, there may be an additional $15 charge for wideband tuning. Sorry about the confusion on that, I originally forgot to add in the fee for the dyno guys.


8am - Richard Estrada

9am - Impalo Dan Gersch

10am - Lance Bachman

11am – Bill DeBlasio

12noon – Rob Hamilton, Sr.

1pm - Timmay Fiordaliso cxld broke :(

2pm - Blake Werner cxld won't be there in time

3pm – David Bailey

4pm – Mr. MISK Chuck Moutoux

5pm – Don Lambert

6pm – Michael Reck

7pm – Cold Steel Mike Smith

8pm - Chris Fish


9am - Ryan McElheny

10am - Corbitt Marshburn

11am - Barry Gaudette

12noon - J. Allan McClure

1pm - Josh Peters

2pm - Chad Christensen

3pm -

We will add more slots if necessary but for now we will fill 9am-3pm on Saturday so as not to interfere with the awards ceremony BBQ.


The ISSCA Staff.

Wait, what do you mean you haven't signed up yet? You let your ISSCA membership lapse? Don't worry...even if you can't make the event, we have a great package where you can get an event t-shirt and program and goodie bag.
WWW.ISSCA.ORG for more info or to sign up go directly to

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Trust me I'm working on it...

...and if you already have a Bryan tune I'm pretty sure he will work with you.

I will say this...a mail tune is close, but a dyno tune locks it in and gets that A/F ratio perfect. You will pick up 10-15 or even 20 more hp on the dyno.
As Bill has mentioned we are working on it for you guys. By Tonight we should have some more info for all of you. cwm4
FWIW, I already have a Bryan mail tune, just want to lock it in a bit better. :)
Bryan will do laptop tunes in the parking lot as well during the week, although I strongly recommend a full dyno tune
Bryan will do laptop tunes in the parking lot as well during the week, although I strongly recommend a full dyno tune
Yea, I'm def doing a dyno tune with Bryan. Even on my fastest runs I got some decent spark retard so I'm hoping we can get it straightened out. Since I'm driving up but still want to do the tune with the open headers (since that's how I race) I'll have to take the exhaust off at the dyno parking lot I guess cwm2
BK - (Bowtie 9C1LT1) Josh wants to lock in the Saturday 1pm Dyno SLot
BK - (Bowtie 9C1LT1) Josh wants to lock in the Saturday 1pm Dyno SLot
Done deal, Josh is locked in.

We MAY have a 5pm slot on Wed open, PM me if interested.
Ok we have a 1pm and 2pm slot open Wed. So anyone who wants them come see me through PM's or when you show up to register (if spots are available).

Also, anyone who wants to move up or go from Sat to Wed on dyno (so you are tuned BEFORE the racing) please let us know asap. First come, first served.
almost 403 at the wheels with a loose converter in meh weather
Scanned in the sheet...not bad...and as Pat Gish said...that was a pessimistic dyno lol

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Bryan and the dyno guys had a pretty good week - and a good time was had by all!
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But was it this good :)


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