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E-town in july??

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who's going to e-town this july for the impala ss cup race? I'll be there with my 9c1, and my freind is bringing his 548 cube chevy turbocharged mustang that he will be driving there and hopefully will be in the 8.60's! :eek:
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BIG thanks to LISST for another great Drag Day. This was my fourth of the seven years you've been doing it and getting almost 100 cars for the past two is very cool. This year I even made it to the second round

Wutzer...sorry I missed you dude! Catch you at the beach for some Wed nite fireworks in August?

Saw the "regulars", meet some new enthusiasts, ogled the chicks, listened to some of the "Vegas" stories....its all, except for roasting in front of the big, shiny bus waiting over an hour for my number NOT to be called for the Stoner Blinker Fluid... damn and I'm running low too!... shoulda bought more tickets
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