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Eastern PA Cars and Coffee

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I just wanted to put this out there for those of u near by.

A friend of mine and I started a CARS & COFFEE event in Pottstown Pa, 4 years ago.

It has really grown from the small lot of an abandoned Pizza Hut and the 10 to 15 cars that came out to the event that it is now with 120-150 vehicles of all sorts that show up.

I have had a few Impala owner friends showing up, including PHASST Alex, and was hoping to get more of those beautiful B bodies out there.

So here is the schedule as well as a link to our FB pages, and as often as I can remember, I will post up links for the actual fb events.

Thanks for looking. IS my drug...
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We do a really big C&C around here every Saturday, but if I'm off one of those Saturdays, I might try to swing out. It's a 1+30 drive for me, but I work every other weekend, and a lot of my Saturdays are spent diving, so it's a little tough to make 3 hours of driving. I'd probably end up making one later in the season more than likely. And by the Sept/Oct meets, I'll probably be back on my normal M-F schedule. I still might have drill to compete with, but I'll look into that when it happens.

Be sure to bump this post when it's coming up or we'll all forget about it. At least I sure will... And plus, it doesn't look like I can find an actual fabricator for my AC, so I might not be rolling with AC for some time, which means the car won't be being driven in the summer! My buddy calls me a pu$$y and that's fine, but I like to have AC if I'm going to take the car out on a hot day and have to sit in those leather seats!
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I'm off, but the car is going on the trailer that morning for it's ride down to Nats...
Yea, car has a knock now, FML. Not sure how long it's been apparent, I have the radio up often to drown out the harmonics of the rear. But not always, so I think its fairly recent. It doesn't sound good though, so the car is on it's way, but most likely won't be doing anything but showing....
No, my car was loaded up in Philly on Sunday. I wouldn't have made it even if I was around with the noise...
No, what really sucks is we thought we trouble shot it down to a bad pulley in the FEAD, and we were, wrong..... I have severe rod knock now, and I'll be pulling the motor most likely next week. we'll pull some stuff apart to see if we can see and fix the problem, but most likely I'm just going to pull the motor. I'm extremely frustrated with the car right now and very close to being done with it, after nearly 15 years. So either way, I certainly won't be making any events the rest of the year. In fact, I fully plan on letting the car sit for QUITE a while. I really just need to find a garage....
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