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ECIRS 2018 Racing Season

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The upcoming ECIRS 2018 season is open for scheduling dates from your tracks so we can get a schedule by the end of Feb. The following events has been scheduled: Issca Nationals 26-30 June (Ohio), LTX Shootout-TBA and SSHS-18-(10 Nov.) (Atlanta).
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ECIRS 2018 Racing Schedule:
24 March-Cecil County Dragway
12 May-Double Hitter-Mason-Dixon Dragway
2 June-Double Hitter-Island Dragway
26-30 June-ISSCA Nationals- Mid-Ohio...
28 July-Double Hitter-Island Dragway
11 August-Double Hitter-Island Dragway
15 Sept.-LVD
29 Sept.-ECIRS Finale-Island Dragway
13 Oct.-If needed-Island Dragway
Note: Still waiting for a date at ATCO.
Note: 10 Nov. SSHS-18-Altanta, GA.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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