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Electric Water Pump Install Photos

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I installed a CSR electric water pump today so I figured I'd take some photos and upload them here.
This may have been done already but I couldn't find any posts.
Some notes:
CSR instructions say to remove stock water pump parts by driving all out from the front, but after removing the shaft, bearing and impeller, the seal that remains must be driven out from the back (or pulled from front?).
I'm going to remove the shaft behind the timing cover in a couple days so I'll upload more photos at that time.
The shaft in the timing cover is leaking and this is in a dragster so I definitely want to remove it.
Let me know if it looks like I did anything wrong.

Cover removed:

Shaft and impeller removed:

Seal removed:

Paper used to locate and mark pump for grinding:

Pump housing marked for grinding:

Pump housing modified by grinding and freeze plug installed:

Freeze plug viewed from back of pump:

CSR pump installed:

Front of engine before timing cover removal:
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So I'm looking to do the Mezier water upgrade and I can't find the seal that going on the pump "GM 10128329". Is there an updated part number?
The Meziere water pump I bought from summit came with the seal.
I saw a video online on the upgrade and it said the seal didn’t come with it. I just ordered it from Summit today so I guess I’ll see you in a couple days. Thanks for the update.
The Meziere water pump I bought from summit came with the seal.
Do you have any recommendations on a wiring harness for it?
I bought the one Meziere makes. I think it was $30. It hooked up perfectly. I used a spot in the fuse box under the hood passenger side. To wire the relay. I don’t remember exactly which fuse place/wire I used. But I used the directions in a write up found on the forum.
Thanks for the update but I found a waterproof relay kit on Painless Performance. It looks a lot better than the one on Meziere and it’s cheaper.
1 - 4 of 37 Posts