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ok... so im working on a 92 buick roadmaster wagon, what im experancing is low low idle like 500rpm, and its like a missfire periodicly, when i bought it, it ran pretty good had a good amount of pick up to it didnt act like this at all, go to do a tune up this is what i change


after that it started running a little odd, so next i adjust the valves, dont know if there right but i did do some adjusting, probably going to again, and at this time i re-timed it

ok so after that it seams ok, with a little miss again, dont think anything about it, a few months later it seams a little worse so i put a timing light on there again thinking it as not adjusted correct and when i stick the light on there now, i notice that it isnt flashing at periodic points like it isnt sparking from time to time so then i replace

ignition coil and module
recheck firing order
and re adjust valves

so now it idles at 500 sometimes 600 smells crazy lean...any and all help is needed

could it be as easy as the fuel filter or were is the rich lean mixture screws to adjust it? i really dont know were to go, my brain went crap a couple hours ago i would greatly appriciate it
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