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How are the events gonna be broken up ?
Will it be by the amount of ISSCA members in a certain area? ie: California has 95% of ISSCA members will 95% of the events be in California?

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Hi Dominique, It is hard to say right now during these formative years, but I would have to guess that the events are going to be located and formed by regional groups, with no regaurd to population. I expect that if ISSCA members organize an event, that it would then be a sanctioned event.
If for example, the west coast clubs organize 2 or 3 events, and the east coast orgainize 5 events, then there will be no regaurd to the population. I think it will be more dependent upon the activity of the movers and shakers in each region.
You and I as racing stewards can keep an eye on this. We can make sure that the East coast or the Texas area don't end up with more "sanctioned point" events than the West Coast or any other region. We will have to make sure each region will have an equal and fair amount of "sanctioned point" events. Some regions will be totally geographically challenged. Nothing we can do about that. There are bennefits to living in the center of the hustle bustle.
But to really answer the question, I don't know.
Karl Ellwein ISSCA #00182
National Racing Steward
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