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Made the mistake of drilling out my driver's side most rear bolt a bit too far until coolant came pouring out. Couldnt understand how as I was watching how far I went with the bit. Didnt think I drilled any further than the other 2 holes that I had to deal with!? Seemed to be able to feel (so I thought) where the end of the broken bolt was. Is the material between the hole and the water jacket there that thin?

I didnt drill with anything larger than 5/16" bit and then tapped with 3/8-16". I havent touched the car for a few days but recall the test bolt I screwed in fitting pretty firmly once getting past first couple threads. So hopefully it will seal just fine.

I was thinking about using a stud (with sealant) in that hole for peace of mind [to plug the leak as well as mount the manifold], rather than bolt (with sealant). Anyone have any thoughts about this? Anything wrong with using a stud there rather than bolt?

This is on my '96 SS
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