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Fastest Impala's in the world - Top ET page - Drag Racing Info Page

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Link to the drag racing FAST TIMES page. Click link if you want to see who's got the fastest B/D Body, who's running what combo to achieve their times, and other great info to bench race with:


BTW, we moved! Check out the new Top-ET page at the link above. There are a few changes including the long awaited "weight" column. We are slowly working toward filling in that column as much as we can.

Hopefully the page should be a little easier to work with now. Dan is still in the process of tweaking things to make it run better.

I'd like to thank Dan Esteban for all the work he's put into this.
And of course I'd like to thank Karl Ellwein for coming up with the idea in the first place to create a database to record this kind of info.

Please update your bookmarks to direct to this page in the future.
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I wouldn't say it's terribly optimistic. Pretty close.
Here's the one that has always correlated best to my own vehicles' dyno pulls and mph at the track, from the CherryBomb website:
"Approximate Horsepower Results
Your car weighs 4200 pounds and can complete the 1/4 mile at 141.2 MPH. That means that you've got about 959.2 HP at the flywheel, and about 786.6 HP at the wheels."
It assumes only an 18% drivetrain loss; yours would be slightly higher, so you're in the high 900's with that 75 shot.
Karl had intentionally left multiple entries for the same car in the same class when he thought the setup had changed enough to merit attention for how the change in setup affected performance.
But over the past few years, the "duplicate" entries have been largely just a result of lack of time for Karl and Cheston to perform maintenance/cleanup. I know Mike Harris and I have duplicate entries where there's really no significant setup changes, just tweaking and refining.
I've tried to avoid the duplication when I've submitted entries by emailing Cheston or Karl something to the effect of "10.xx timeslip to replace 10.yy current entry in the list, but I can see how that loop doesn't always get closed if they're in a hurry.
Crazy Dan,
Let's see the duration numbers on those "Pure Stock" cams ;)
They're capable of spinning a lot higher and making quite a bit more power than stock duration cams. Stock lift means ramps are gentler, thus managing to work well with the light springs.

You're right; you should be in Class 4. Email Cheston and Karl to fix that for you.
Having problems with the site. It creates ~30k rows but no info and then times out. Am I the only one?
same problem here :(
Why not just post your numbers here? Can you beat 11.44 @ 119 in a T56 B bod ??? :)

and a flag is down..................for taunting :D
Email to both of these guys. Hopefully one of them responds:
[email protected]
[email protected]
Congrats on ONE HAULIN' ASS WAGON, Gerry! :D
That thing is a true Q-Ship!
Good job driving that 6-spd off the line too ;)
Nice driving.....AGAIN, Gerry!
1 - 7 of 99 Posts
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