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Fastest Impala's in the world - Top ET page - Drag Racing Info Page

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Link to the drag racing FAST TIMES page. Click link if you want to see who's got the fastest B/D Body, who's running what combo to achieve their times, and other great info to bench race with:


BTW, we moved! Check out the new Top-ET page at the link above. There are a few changes including the long awaited "weight" column. We are slowly working toward filling in that column as much as we can.

Hopefully the page should be a little easier to work with now. Dan is still in the process of tweaking things to make it run better.

I'd like to thank Dan Esteban for all the work he's put into this.
And of course I'd like to thank Karl Ellwein for coming up with the idea in the first place to create a database to record this kind of info.

Please update your bookmarks to direct to this page in the future.
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The Black Bat is still the lightest Imp clone in the WORLD! :)
3425 BABY!

11.40 with a t56? is that the record. I would like to take a run at that if it is
Go for it! The 11.4 was a few years back. It took a lot of clutches, rear end parts and nitrous!
I have since switched back to a auto :(

I bet, I thought the trans would have been the weak link.
What clutch did you end up with?
I bought a twin disk mcloud for the new combo.
hopefully the turbo will be easier on drive train parts
I had the most success with the spec stage 3.
3000 RPM launches on 26 x 10" slicks.
I tried the street twin but it was too harsh on the launch
and I broke an axle on the 2nd run. (Never broke axle with any other clutch)
Removed street twin after that debacle.
Good luck with yours. It was a nice clutch on the street but hell at the strip.

Why not just post your numbers here? Can you beat 11.44 @ 119 in a T56 B bod ??? :)

T56 track times, hah! I'll take down Nab, one day, when I'm ready.
You guys can get there... It just depends on how many rears and clutches you break on the way! ;)
Hi,. Who are we speaking of and who has his car now?

1 - 6 of 99 Posts
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