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in the past week or so i have posted a few times to people to check out the and that it had all the part numbers for the f-body sway bar. well... the fbody sway bar was discontinued 2 years ago, and you can not order it from anyone using those part numbers that i have been telling people to go get. I finally went to make my call today, and dal broke the news to me. Actually he said "yeah, you and about 50-70 other people"

well, if someone knows of that secret place that has a lot of stock of these, AND has them cheap, or practically cheap, please post it. thanks guys.

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I bought mine as a pic-n-pull junk yard for $12. Twice a year they have a 1/2 off sale. That would make it $6. Cheap enough? :D


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might i add that i am lazy. If someone has one, i will pay up to 100 for it. (so if someone can go to a pick and pull place and get it for $6, you can make $94

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So how does the BMR Impala bar compare to the F-Bar and the BMR F-Bar?

I remember reading a long time ago torsion comparisons of all the bars at that time and the Fbar and HO were the most stiff even though some other bars were bigger.

Kinda also wondering why the need for BMR to have a "larger" Impala bar along with their F-bar.

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2nd Gen Camaro (1970-1981) Camaro Specs

Sway bars/Anti-Roll bars:

Year Part Number Description
1970 3984557
1971-72 3984557 (all) 1.00"
1973-74 3984557 (Camaro w/spec perf susp) 1.00"
1975 356530 (Camaro w/spec perf susp) 1.00"
1973-75 481471 (Camaro exc sp. H/per. 350) rear 0.562" diam
1970-75 3983085 (Camaro w/sp. perf susp, Z28) rear 0.688" diam
1976-77 356530 (Camaro Front 25.400mm)
1976-81 481471 (Camaro w/HD susp, exc Z28) rear 0.562"
1977-81 356534 (Camaro w/Z28) front 31.75mm
1978-81 356530 (Camaro exc Z28 front 25.400mm)
1978-81 3983084 (Camaro w/HD susp, Z28) Rear 0.625")

FWIW, I could be wrong but the Hellwig front bar is [33mm] F-bar [32mm] but I don't know if Hellwig is 14" or has the short 11" lever arm [distance from bar bend to end link hole] like the 2nd gen F-bar? Special Order? Also, Hellwig implies their bars are stiffer because they use heat to make the bends & other brands may not. Hint, hint, Hotchkis, BMR & others might not be using heat. I don't know which bend process [hot/cold] would produce the stiffest 4130 spring steel.

I spotted some Forum posts that claim the HO front bar hits tires when the front wheels are fully turned.

My posted info [#s] sourced from 2 day old memory of having read HERD, ImpalaSSForum & Hellwig Technicals.

For some really interesting searches, try: [cockpit controlled adjustable blade sway bars]...

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National Parts Depot sells an identical clone of the F-body bar (cept theirs is gold colored)... was $99 when I got mine, I think it might be a little higher now though.

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George, the length dim. From the cion hole to the back of the bar (in a
straight line) is 13". Thanks, Mike

Sent: Monday, November 17, 2003 12:24 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: 1994-96 ImpalaSS Sway Bars

Dear Madam/Sir,
Could you please provide me with the length dimension of the front bar from
end link hole to the bar's bend so that I may compare the "Lever Arm" to
other sway bars. It is probably somewhere between 11 to 14 inches.
Kind regards-George
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