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If you want to get low, go with the Q that will realy get down.

Or a Mach5 IXL, heres the 12

I have the MJ18m with an FS of 25hz in a larger then rec box, so it gets low realy realy low. which is what I like.

Heres the 15" version

23.5 hz 2 of them, and youll be shacking pictures off the wall literaly.

RUn it 1/2 ohm and youll be good.

BTW Im hitting 140.07 DB @ 30hz on 800rms total (not to ea sub)with my 18s should be 145 or close with full power.

Still on my little 4 channel amp, it rocks and cant nobody realy touch me on bass with that little bit of power.

Mach5audio is AWESOMEE.........

I was wrong on the title, after some figuring I determined its 425 rms or so total on that system.

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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