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Finally Got around to clean up underhood/motor a Little...Faster...Twin Turbo Baby!!!

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My brother(Tony), and i (Scott): Owner of Reds Hydraulics; have been working on our two different Impalas since 2008. Tony's 96 DGGM was very close to be finished::Everything on his car has been done: paint: interior: suspension; air bags; Stereo; wheels....but kept the stock motor to play around with and rebuild later!!!!

He ends up Buying a 355lt1/560 Hp Long Block
with all the Tricks and AI 220 kit. Canton pan/ arp / Callies crank/ Callies Rods...splayed 4 Main: polished/ported valves, heads, intake and lots of Chrome!!!

God Rest His Soul Tony Dies Feb 17,2011

Scott take over the project and wanted finish off where my Brother started a Sentimental and Memorial project

I though what Nicer?

TWIN TURBO that Money no object,,,w/o blowing up my motor...ASAP;

Advantage performance in Riverside
- has a great guy over there name Adam. He knows his Turbos
Superior Automotive Tomorrow
-so Tad can Live Tune it...Hopefully starting in 6 hours...You see I cant sleep?..i'm Nervous!!! Good Luck Tad

Please make a list of what it needs next?

Scott is gonna repaint, new Bently style Interior ^ Piston Wilwoods all the way around....and Polish/chrome/ black powder coat everything else under the hood and fame...Money is no object ok>?

So Car is Finally at Superior Automotive and Tad will be at it all day Live Tuning it at the Dyno....lets hope it doesn't blow up and if it does,,,lets build it better and stronger...Please
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Car looks great :)

working on it now!
2bar base calibration loaded

got it running ,,, then:
-dead TPS
-r&red TPS for new one
-confirmed misfires on both sides of the engine with primary tube EGTs
-confirmed reversed firing order on passenger side via LS1 coil harness was bass ackwards

-get serpentine belt back on the hub
-confrming driver side firing order
-then rechecking primary tube EGTs
-belt back on
-firing order correct on the plug wires
-firing order correct on the coil harness
-intakes back on

Still runs like the timing / firing order is off
back on it Tuesday!

videos and pics soon

Stay tuned!
Got spark and heat on all 8!

Timing was confirmed via custom tune w/ TDC #1 mark and timing light

Exhaust Mods started in the name of science

minor power steering hose interference resolved

-crank hub needs to be looked into it is 1/2"+ inset
-power steering is still funky needs atten

waiting for video to upload to YouTube :)
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1st video

detailer has not dropped in to the shop yet :(
let it run till it came to temp
did some light throttle driving up and down the street in front of the shop

dual wide bands are reading 14s on the 2bar OL MAP tune. :D:p:)
big car feels light despite the big wheels

It is having a hard time maintaining a good tempature
head temp is high / radiator temp is low
heater hoses are 40-60F hotter thatn radiator hoses via IR gun
Time for a new 160F stat.

Power steering is still chunky - aka UNSAFE!
I will pick up some Lucas steering fluid additive on my way home...


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I can just keep moving down the list :)

right now we need someone savy with the air bag system to return the car to moveable.

BTW some pics from last week

Lucas to help the steering

exhaust work / plug cleaning / compression tesd / TDC marked & timeing


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Progress Report

-Peanut form Red's Hyd came out and fixed the issues with the Air Bag setup.
*he was quick with diagnosis and repair. AKA knew his stuff!

-New 9c1 steering box was dropped off for future installation

-appointment was made with mobil detailer to get her clean again
Detailer showed up at Superior Auto,
while I was away tuning in L.A.

via Guido Martinez


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while reveiwing the install of a new steering box and shaft, interference was found with some exhaust part.

yet another item we need an open lift for.
away from Superior, out of the shop just for today :D:p:D

-exhaust work finished yesterday
-balancer and belt alignment finished today
cold start and test drive went good ths morning
will post new video today
here some in progress shots

balancer hub was the wrong length

Ivan addressing the belt / hub issues


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Had a 50minute window open on the dyno

Popped her on for some low to mid throttle mapping.
first time rolling into 2+ PSI and the engine oil dipstick popped out.
made a bit of a mess but no damage was done

So we pulled her back off and made some changes

-did a basic engine detail to clean up the mess
-let it run for a while in the parking lot to burn off what the engine detail did not get
-open up passenger breather to temp catch can
-opened PCV manifold driver side to temp catch can
-moved blow off vacuum lines to full vacuum they were on EGR vacuum
-moved waste gates from turbo pressure to full manifold vacuum
-removed windshield wipers
-removed wiper motor
-cleaned cowel area and cowel and reinstalled
*now we can order and install a locking dipstick
*for now we may use bailing wire to tie down the dipstick so we can tune it more next week.
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Greetings from the weekday @ Superior Automotive
94F and rising you could boil eggs on the black top cwm6cwm6cwm6

Ths morning I, fabbed up a nice little dipstick hold down that was over due.

Progress is progress
Oil dip stick resolved. :)

Superior is currently redoing the oil drain back as it is 100% needed

stay tuned
Mike Rowe's Voice
"On the last Episode of tunedbytad / Superior Automotive oil control issues prohibited Red's Twin Turbo SS from delivering the goods"

hey all
had a cancleation this morning
so we popped Red's SS on the roller
we needed to just check for leaks and funtionality

everything with this little dyno session worked great.

tomorrow we may touch the floor!
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under the hood is jaw dropping
but that alternator pulley is an eye sore

I have one of the very last MBA blillet Alternator fans.
I'm giving it to you for free.:pcwm4:D
it belongs on your ride!
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