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Finally Got around to clean up underhood/motor a Little...Faster...Twin Turbo Baby!!!

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My brother(Tony), and i (Scott): Owner of Reds Hydraulics; have been working on our two different Impalas since 2008. Tony's 96 DGGM was very close to be finished::Everything on his car has been done: paint: interior: suspension; air bags; Stereo; wheels....but kept the stock motor to play around with and rebuild later!!!!

He ends up Buying a 355lt1/560 Hp Long Block
with all the Tricks and AI 220 kit. Canton pan/ arp / Callies crank/ Callies Rods...splayed 4 Main: polished/ported valves, heads, intake and lots of Chrome!!!

God Rest His Soul Tony Dies Feb 17,2011

Scott take over the project and wanted finish off where my Brother started a Sentimental and Memorial project

I though what Nicer?

TWIN TURBO that Money no object,,,w/o blowing up my motor...ASAP;

Advantage performance in Riverside
- has a great guy over there name Adam. He knows his Turbos
Superior Automotive Tomorrow
-so Tad can Live Tune it...Hopefully starting in 6 hours...You see I cant sleep?..i'm Nervous!!! Good Luck Tad

Please make a list of what it needs next?

Scott is gonna repaint, new Bently style Interior ^ Piston Wilwoods all the way around....and Polish/chrome/ black powder coat everything else under the hood and fame...Money is no object ok>?

So Car is Finally at Superior Automotive and Tad will be at it all day Live Tuning it at the Dyno....lets hope it doesn't blow up and if it does,,,lets build it better and stronger...Please
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I love my Ron Davis radiator!! I would like a new shroud for mine day i will get to it.


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Thanks for the Info and Extra Info,

I did fail to mention I am running an LS1 PCM and EFI Connection's 24x system on my LT1 Car...but no MAF will clean things up for my piping.

I currently have a 2-Bar MAP sensor I may upgrade to 3 if needed.

If things work out, and you Tad are available...I may be making a trip out your way for some tuning next year....
Bring it to the east coasr
Either Way, I'm Gonna Have a Long Trip Ahead Of Me....
Well if you willing to come to VA my tuner will get you right. It does travel to tune a lot to tho
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