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Finally Got around to clean up underhood/motor a Little...Faster...Twin Turbo Baby!!!

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My brother(Tony), and i (Scott): Owner of Reds Hydraulics; have been working on our two different Impalas since 2008. Tony's 96 DGGM was very close to be finished::Everything on his car has been done: paint: interior: suspension; air bags; Stereo; wheels....but kept the stock motor to play around with and rebuild later!!!!

He ends up Buying a 355lt1/560 Hp Long Block
with all the Tricks and AI 220 kit. Canton pan/ arp / Callies crank/ Callies Rods...splayed 4 Main: polished/ported valves, heads, intake and lots of Chrome!!!

God Rest His Soul Tony Dies Feb 17,2011

Scott take over the project and wanted finish off where my Brother started a Sentimental and Memorial project

I though what Nicer?

TWIN TURBO that Money no object,,,w/o blowing up my motor...ASAP;

Advantage performance in Riverside
- has a great guy over there name Adam. He knows his Turbos
Superior Automotive Tomorrow
-so Tad can Live Tune it...Hopefully starting in 6 hours...You see I cant sleep?..i'm Nervous!!! Good Luck Tad

Please make a list of what it needs next?

Scott is gonna repaint, new Bently style Interior ^ Piston Wilwoods all the way around....and Polish/chrome/ black powder coat everything else under the hood and fame...Money is no object ok>?

So Car is Finally at Superior Automotive and Tad will be at it all day Live Tuning it at the Dyno....lets hope it doesn't blow up and if it does,,,lets build it better and stronger...Please
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for any Pics of cargo to Garage Reds ss

Hopefully Tad takes plenty of Pictures of all the trick features this motor has and shows everyone,,,,esp if she works?

Tad ----will you please Take good pics of:
Ltcc Conversion
Tach Diver
Relocated 2010 GTO LS2 coil Pack near the MSD Billet timing
Canton Oil Pan w welded bungs for Turbo
Custom Tranny Pan
how the Monster Coil wires are fun
whats involved in moving Harness/hoses/brake lines on Passenger Turbo Header
Picture of setup
and what else u recommend...ok?
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Thermostat and power steering

Please change whatever you need or don't like. 160 Tsat, Power steering Pump. Also, here is no RED coolant in motor(If that matters) and we really never bleed it right? we just shoved in plain water to test and didn't bleed.

If it still gets hot lets get a bigger radiator and or Merzie water pump. Please take your time and do it right...

Sorry havent been online for a while

Hello was a Custom Built kit done for me early this year....i will have Tad post all the Tricks and when he is done Tuning it. Tad has been busy working on a lot of cars and been looking at my car at his spare time and looking over everything.

This car has a brand new motor and tranny/convertor....and converted over to there is alot to sort out...i think he has it running ok...but little things( I guess Normal?) are popping up....and i want it safe when i get it on the road...

I wanna sort out all of the Kinks and then take it apart again and powdercoat/black chrome/ polish everything...i want total show/under hood/under carriage for this car.

The Stereo is Top Notch already...but i wanna do some cool tricks with Interior and Put in over the TOP...Bently Style Interior...and Clean her up!!!

It means alot to me...since it was my Brothers and he passed away over a year ago. I feel he is still with me...esp when i drive his car and i want his Baby...Sparkling!!! Clean as i can get it!!!
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Tad is a great Guy!!!

Thank you so much for all the love you are giving on my Bro's car!!! Im very glad that you are treating it like your own car and are very Professional about it!!

I would recommend to anyone to Please call/email Tad and he will Take care of you....Your car will be in safe Hands!!! He is Very Knowledgeable and Meticulous!!! He will make it Right!!

Thank you so much....For Everything you've done for me/bro
Tad is your man!!

Very Knowelageble.....Very Much a perfectionest,,,,wont leave anything UnTurned...and will put you in the right way....while treating the car like it is HIS and putting enough love in to it..You cant Help But Love the GUy for being there and caring about your car....Honest and very affordable...esp for the info and product he delivers....Please Use HIM!!!

JetJoe....i will take better pics of how the tubes run this thurs/friday before the put the new smoothie bumper(w/Intercooler breather) i am getting painted...

Impressive....I really wanna get it more custom...before i show anyone....i want it bad ass....i wanna chrome/polish/matte black powder coat/ sheetmetal (Hot-rod) under hood....make it real clean...almost like if the Ring Bros...would be doing it.,..that style...Also do some Custom Touches to Interior...Ron Mangus promised to make it Nice....Then...i promise i will come out and play with the Big Boys at Cali SS Club....

I wanna sort out the problems i had with turbos/leaks/lines and etc....Im gonna put a custom 3.5" stainless exhaust on it w/o cats....and Big Mouth Throttle body....some more Tuning and Higher boost..4" Driveline. .driveshaft loop...etc....i want it at 750/rear wheels...and Semi Dependable...Not sure if thats Possible? but i will give it a hell of a try before New year !!!
some pics

not sure how to post Better pics


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More pics of Cold/Hot Side piping...hope it helps


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Hope it Helps....JetJoe


More pics for you Bud....not the best...this was during Fab work...not 100 perc...but close to final will get a better idea

Thanks for looking out and commenting on my Brothers car...i really want it better...any great ideas would help....Thanks


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Route 66

I will cruize my Brothers car to Route 66 and to his Grave site to show him the Twin Turbos...hope he likes it....If anyone wants to meet up with me and see my wont be 100%...but im doing it to Honor and Pray and Remember my Brother...He loved cruising Route 66 and i know he will be in the Passenger seat with me at all times
God Bless Tony...
Finally Trying to finish it up!!!

Ive been working hard on my brothers Impala. I RE-DID everything and i do mean everything...ASK TAD!!!...lets not talk about it!!!

Superior Automotive Eng. in Placentia, CA did an amazing job of rebuidling the motor. HIGH Torque still putting miles on motor.(500 so far) ..Tad hasnt done a final dyno Tune on it yet to get the power figures.

This motor fells alot stronger and Tons more torque than old one. Im in break in engine tune...cant hit high RPMS...but when i do hit 4500-5000 with 3-4 lbs boost....feels alot stronger than my last 600 hp gonna update some info and Pics of the things ive done to the car this past year,,,,i hope you guys like:

383 Stroker 8.9 compression...for Higher boost someday?
Mandrel Bend Turbo Welds..Ceramic Coat
3" Mandrel Bend SLP Loudmouth Exhaust
Engine BAY Dress up Panels
Ipad 4 128gb with WIFI/4G
AudioControl Line Driver
4300 LEDS Lights (Speaker pods)
3D Trunk LED Panel
Grey Italian Leather/Perforated Suede interior (California Upolstery AWESOME!!!)
New Carpet
Focal Dynomat whole interior (Quite and MUCH cooler inside now (Twin Turbo = Hott) )
3m Undercoat spray Shultz? Sound damper
Nascar Front/Rear anti-Sway bar
SPC Racing Upper/lower Totally adj a-arms(Great for lowered cars) No camber max Castor at ride height!!!
Howes Racing Tall Ball joints
Spohn Racing rear upper/Lower trailing arms Spherical
Dick Miller Triag Bars
3.5" Polished Ford MMC Driveline
Metco Driveline safety loop
QA1 Billet 2-way Adj Shocks ( Exp but well worth it) drives awesome
6 Piston 16" Wilwood Front/ 4 Piston 14" Wilwood rear
Forgeline 22" with Center bolt lug coming in couple of weeks!!!

6 months and about $40G...i need a HUG
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almost forgot....

Air Bags were very Unsafe with alot of Torque/power.and the HEAT from the Twin Air Bag lines would POP..when i got on it for a minute. The air lines were too close to the Headers. also popped my AC line a few times...i re-did whole air bag system/ and AC

4 Ply Contitech bags
Stainless steel airlines inside the frame!!!
Dual Air Tanks...molded/Boxed in Front / Rear Bumper (20 Gallons)
4- Viar 480
Wrapped Headers and AC lines with DEI Header Wrap. But Steering knuckle grazed the wrap on the drivers i had to put on HOT ROD style Borgeson Steering knuckles..
Put am ILEVEl Air ride system automatically adjusts air ride,,,when a chuddy firend or GIRl jumps in the ride...its nice...dont have to pull out switch box and adjust has sensore on all the arms and automatically adjusts!!
My Iphone and Ipad now controls my switches

I also put in a **** load of gauges:
Dakato Digital DASH
DD Fuel Pressure
DD Tranny Temp
DD DUAL AIR temp intake/Intercooler

Am i Missing anything?
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more pics coming...check other sections!!!


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cleaning it up alittle


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sstreetking94....was i close to your Approx?

slow 94 RMS...will you sleep better or Feel better now...with my approx?

Wolf....are we going for a ride in my Air Bagged Slug Bug? took it wrong...please read took it wrong.,...totally...i was answering your quest and Sstreetking quest about how much i have into it....i was being honest with answer to your quest was that i own a custom suspension shop that does air bags/ hydros....why not build a fun car with alot hp and show off the durabilty and reliabilty of a properly built air bag system....if it works behind a 5,000 lb + car with 800+ hp...why wouldnt it work any any other car...where the customer is always sceptical about the problems/reliabity of air bags....thats all i was saying...i told you ...i like your honesty and i wanna meet all you guys in SS clubs ...i wanna get honest feed back and make this car even better....its not about the money...i want it was my brothers...and he passed away over 2 yrs making it nice as i can...for him..i still feel him Rollin with me in it!!! So please dont think im a Prick or Stuck up....ASK way am i like that and i wanna be everyones friend on here...esp yours? Cool?
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no...not at all about Wolf...i told him..i loved his honesty many times...but streetking wanted to know a price...or was guesing at a price for this...and i wanted to be honest and tell was involved...i like everyone on here...i wanna contribute and get criticism...i like the fact we all have this passion for B-bodys and help one another
im friends with Impala mike and Jason at streettrends....they really have a passion for these B-bodys....they have a lot of cool parts for our cars...and custom stuff...if you know the right people and have a few bucks in your pocket.. i would recommend them...highly..they can make any kind of bumper out of Fiberglass/Urethane/carbon it...they can do it...and their New Mercedes rear views are incrediable...please check them out

Maseb....Make sure you do it Right...the first cost short cut and try to save a will catch up to in the long run....good luck BUD

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