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I've been battling this for almost a year. The car had a vibration and the wandering and bump steer was terrible. We balanced and rebalanced the wheels several times, went over every piece of the suspension twice, checked the driveshaft and axles, etc. But the car would not stop shaking at speeds over 50 mph and the bump steer was so bad I was looking into getting a steering damper.

A friend of mine is the service manager of a car dealership, and the best mechanic I know. I dropped it off with him and told him I didn't want it back until it was fixed. He and one of the mechanics worked on it when they had time. He was taking one of the front wheels off and noticed that it popped slightly, as if it was springing loose from being in a bind. He took a close look at the hub, and it was just a little bit too big, and was not allowing the wheel to seat fully and squarely. We've had the wheels on and off the car so many times by so many different people (including me), and no one every noticed. That's how small the difference was in the hub, you couldn't feel it when you installed the wheel. So now I have some quality rotors and no more problems.
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