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Finally got that WS6 swaybar that I got from Scott Knight installed.

I had it powdercoated gloss red to match my growing number of underhood accessories.

Kudos to AMF Coatings in Imperial, PA.


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Looks Great!!!

My bar is in the garage unfortunately(will do in spring). I bought the 1LE endlinks and so also have to buy the bushing for the 1.25inch bar.

Where did you get those bushing bolts, they look easy to work with? If you have any info to share re: spec's(length, threadcount, head type) it would be tremendously appreciated.

And the big question...has it made a noticeable difference when you took it for a spin?

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I got the from Totally Stainless ( Part no: 1-1273

Get their catalog too, they have a ton of nice SS fittings, nuts, bolts, etc..

If you need the other part numbers (Engery Suspension):
9.8118R - end link
9.5166R - frame bushings

I didn't take the car for much of a spin, just down the road and back. Plus I got the mushy stock tires back on for now. But it certainly stiffened things up a bit.

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Those bolts from Totally Stainless are a metric grade 8.8 which equals about SAE grade 5. I think that's weaker than stock. Besides, I'm told that stainless steel is a soft metal, not good for holding a sway bar in-place IMO. I bought those bolts from totally stainless also but realized my mistake too late. I went to my local Orchard Supply Hardware and found the same bolts ($2-$3/pair)but are a metric grade 12.9, stronger than SAE grade 8.

On the sway to frame bushings, the ones available for the GMC Syclone/Typhoon (made by EnergySusp.)and Dodge Ram are also 32mm but much thicker walls, I think this would be helpful in absorbing some road vibes. Just tought I'd let people know.
Link to Ram bushings: Dodge Ram Bushings

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Originally posted by Scott Knight:
Hey Mike,

Looks much better than the day you got it ;)
Thanks, I'm a powder coatin' fool..

So hows the new city working out? Shoot me an email when you get a free minute!
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