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I'm now on the forum, so here goes!
Has anyone been successful in installing headers on a 1991 Caprice, and also switching to dual exhaust?

If so, please let me know what brand and model header and also let me know how you routed the extra exhaust pipe to the rear of the car. I heard that SLP headers will work.

Also, i've noticed that in a tight right-hand turn under acceleration, i.e. U-TURN, that my Caprice almost stalls out like it's starved for fuel. Anyone else heard of this?

Thank you in advance for the help folks!


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Pretty much any headers made for the SBC will work, the bolt pattern is the same. If you are going for a true dual system, the only thing you gotta do is get the appropriate tranny crossmember. I got a 91 too, so ours only has one hump on the passenger side. You'll have to get one from a wrecking yard that has two humps. As far as cat back systems, everything that works for the Impala works for us.

And about the stall thing.... well my car bogs down ever so slightly... I seriously have NO idea why it would be that way... I'm inclined to think that the only reason is the power steering pump bogs down the engine in a full lock turn. Electronically they are not connected... mechanically... that's the only spot... so if it's not that... I have no idea.

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I have bought a set of Flowtech shorty headers (owned by Holley and found that they fit the best compared to a 82-92 f-body
set. Only problem (if it is one) is that you have to run dual exhaust as the angle of the outlet on the
drivers side is on a 45 degree slant towards the back of the car. They do not interfere with the
shifter linkage or oil filter. Starter has good clearance as well.

On the good side:
These come with or without the air tubes (if yes they are on both sides) and in either black paint or
ceramic coated.

On the bad side;
If you get the AIR tubes you cannot have ceramic coated. (getting mine done locally) Also they do
NOT have the O2 fitting. You will have to have a fitting welded in if you want one. (cost me $20.00
at Midas)

Other than that there great. I have found that the 86-88 f-body had tubes in both manifolds. The
AIR pump is in the same place as the Caprice 305 and uses a plastic TEE (p/n 10046154) to split
the air flow out put. Then GM designed a steel AIR pipe to route air from the passenger side,
around the back of the engine, to the drivers side. (try to install it with the engine in the car and find
new levels of frustration; but can be done) After that just connect them with pieces of hose. I found
a couple of pre bent ones for the same year f-body that may work. (no part numbers, sorry)

How's it run???? Still don't know. I got as far as test fitting all you have read and now trying to save
up the $$$ to have the coating done and the new dual exhaust run.

As far as the Transmission crossmember, I have a new one for an Impala SS. MAN, is that some
piece!!! Compared to my stock one it looks like it could hold up the Space Shuttle!! It weighs
about twice as much too! (just another reason to get the 383 stroker) Just by holding it up the
underside of the car, it LOOKS like it will bolt up the frame but I have my concerns about the
transmission mount. I'm not sure if the trans pan will hit the crossmember or not. I haven't dropped
my old one yet. I figure there is no need as the cat bolts the trans mount and the new crossmember
will be in the way. I'll wait until I have everything ready before I attack that one.

As far as the turning problem, I'm not sure. In my wagon, if the gas is low it will try to die since the gas sloshes to one side of the tank. This may not be your problem but check your fuel level next time anyways.

Jay Gesner
91 Impalatized wagon
Dark Met. Gray 9C1 gauges, 305, currently headerless and broke!
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