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thanks for all the advive on my ball joint install. i must admit, it was a real bitch to do. i figured out the right combination of curse words and they finally went in. BUT, the end result was well worth it. drives much smoother and no more wierd popping sounds from the front end anymore
. thanks again everyone.

Matt Mills
96 Black SS
NAISSO Member #6125
Export Pipes, Swiss Cheezed airbox w/ sewer pipe, Corvette Engine Dress, Steel Braided Hoses,Carbon Fiber dash, Carbon Fiber shifter, Oil gauge, Volt gauge, 2X2 Gauge Pod, Body Bushing upgrade, T/B bypass, Red Bowtie, LT4 Knock Sensor, F-Body EGR valve & Servo, Moog idler Arm & Center Link, A/C drip mod, Emblem mods.


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Matt : your right, it's all in knowing the proper combination of curse words.. :)
My '95 BBB also drives more smoothly after the front end rework....
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