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Hi i have a 91 caprice 350 that was a doraville, GA police car. I am the 3rd owner including the police. Its been pulled out of the grips of death from the previous owner by me and my mad scientist and now I'm trying to convert into the all-purpose everything. Buick interior, police scare people, chevy insurance, 350 power. i own the car for 1700 including buying price. the list of what i've done so far is below. i've been using this as a work car for a few months. we just got my 97 escort a new tranny so now its back on the road for the first time in 7 months and i can beat up on it while making the caprice into everything i want. i guess that will follow in the next posts. New to these cars, so give me all the suggestions you have

1991 Chevy Caprice 350 Doraville GA police car
top battery water, new hood light bulb, derust &rubber-coat battery tray & body under tray, derust hood release latch under hood, new interior fuses #4, 7, 15, reset computer, derust & adjust hood adjustment rubbers, clean radiator overflow bottle,convert positive battery wiring to top-post
1 gallon castrol gtx high milage 10W-40, oil filter
add shop oil
Dashboard mat, glovebox door
flooring carpet, trunk carpet, spare tire cover carpet, cupholder, ash tray & lighter, hood release latch, 2 sun visors (passenger lighted), rear view mirror (dome lighted & digital compass) , plastic battery tray from geo storm, cigarette lighter wiring harness, front corner marker bulb harness, interior under-carpet wire shields
Pressure wash interior carpet w/ degreaser, machine wash trunk & spare tire carpets, install dome light fixture w/ new bulb & wash lens, de-rust ash tray & lube spring & hinges, derust center console shelf & ash tray carrier, replace RF corner marker wiring harness, replace glovebox door
new RF marker bulb, new MSD blaster ignition coil, install geo storm plastic battery tray, convert negative battery terminal to top-post, install center console shelves & ashtray/cig lighter
floor mats, radiator flush (see 3-20)
copy 2 keys (1 set)
Laminate Spare Tire Instructions
battery tie-down, Duralast 7mm doulbe silicone spark plug wires (LIFETIME WARRANTY see 05-03)
remove floor only trunk carpet, Pressure wash & install wall-to-wall trunk carpeting, pressure wash engine bay
Lucas fuel injector cleaner, washer fuild bottle cap
wiper blade refills 22 inch
drain radiator, water rinse, run radiator flush (see 3-17), drain, water rinse
radiator fluid
fabricate new intermediate pipe
Fuel Filter
flush rear brakes, front bleeder screws will not open, clean master cylinder
install R sun visor, center console shelf
12V outlet, check VIN for outstanding recalls
install 12v outlet wiring harness & heater control lighting harness, paint ash tray & console, wire wheel clean outlet retainer, install outlet into center console ash tray, install center console ash tray, new sylvainia silver stars, new pcv valve
test charging system
cup holder console, negative battery terminal
4ga ring terminal for negative battery terminal
install rear view mirror (lit & compass), install wiring harness for mirrior, R sun visor, dome light
Bosch Oxygen o2 sensor (1 YEAR WARRANTY) ---- NOT INSTALLED
Trace & repair vacuum leak, reconnect broken MAP sensor connector harness, clean serive engine soon light, install O2 sensor (4-10), install ignition wires, (3-18), disassemble police spotlight for diagnostic
3qt Royal Purple 75W90 gear oil for rear end
U-6598 4 pack blub retainer springs, 5593 Pinion gear, 6453-0001 Switch & Wire Assembly,
install (5-5) parts for search light
1 qt lucas transFix
change oil & filter castrol gtx 5w-30, lube grease fittings

4 (front & rear) gabriel ultra shock absorber (LIFETIME WARRANTY), LF & RF inner & outer wheel bearings, meguire's cleaner wax

install RF inner & outer wheel bearings & seal, install both front (LF RF) gabriel ultra shock absorber & busings (see 6-1), lube grease fittings
install LR Gabriel ultra shock absorber (see 6-1)
(3x) 12 ounce cans r134a

install RR shock
(2) front swaybar endlink pins (LIFETIME WARRANTY)
install LF wheel bearings & seal, install both front swaybar endlink pins with Energy Suspensions Red polyurethane bushings
JVC KD-G200/210 CD player (NOT INSTALLED - see 6-25)
new r134a retro fittings, adjust AC clutch, evacuate & recharge with oil & dye
clean, install, & armorall used dash mat, 2 new sylvania 37 light bulbs in HVAC controller, install CD player (see6-19), install hood release handle & cable
lugnut, 2 blue clear liscense plate coverss (90 day warranty), radio antenna adapter

new battery terminal covers, install airbag with horn switches, LR clothes hook with retainer, both rear door ash trays, spare tire hold-down, trunk release button, chrome brake pedal cover from roadmaster, LL dash panel, FL seat buckle, attached F & R cupholders to carpeting
transmission-brake interlock selinoid
replace 9 dash bulbs, gear indicator spring & cable

rear differential seal 5782376 / rds55072
install royal purple (see 05/03)
advanced oil filter aa30, 1 gal & 1 qt advanced 10-w-40 oil
Duralast Alternator (LIFETIME WARRANTY)
Evacuate Cat

re-hang cat

Modify Air Filter Box

K&N Air Filter 33-2051

Starter Solenoid
Energy suspension 9.5164R front sway-bar bushings
back seat upper and lower from 94 roadmaster

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Welcome and you're definitely on the right track by repairing/maintaining the car before you upgrade it. I especially like that the rust repair was on the top of your list.

Now all you need is to do alot of reading/seaching and you'll be golden.

Questions are more than welcome but more times than not they've been asked & answered.

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Good ol TBI I had mine serviced before I started working on it I had to do a TBI rebuild before mine started running correctly
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