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I need some opinions I have replaced ball joints, tie rods, centerlink, idler arm w/ problem solver. They all helped to solve other bad problems I had with slack in the steering. This was done about 12 months ago.

I don't really remember when this slack in the steering started but the odd thing is that it is only in one direction when turning to the right.

I have begun suspecting my gearbox only because about 2 years ago my car was in an accident another car hit my left front wheel and only the wheel but the ball joints did snap so the wheel was in-ward at the top.A repair shop replaced the control arms ball joints and tie rods at that time.

For a long time now more than 12 months ago there has been a dead spot to the right of center and I am thinking it might have been possible that one of the teeth in the gearbox could be worn or broken.

The slack is most noticeable on the expressway because when inthe left lane i have to turn the wheel about 3-5" to the right to go straight.Yet to the left there is No slack at all and it responds very well.

There is no slack in the bjs, tie rods, centerlink, or idler arm. The idler arm does go up and down about 1/8" maybe less but there is a slight movement although this idler arm is only about 6 months old.

My car has 56,000 miles.

The gearbox is expensive so I don't really want to replace it.I've had 2 alignments done in the past year thinking it might help but they didn't.

I have even tried aligning it myself but there is always slack in teh right side.

I have thoroughly checked the rag joints but there is no slack.I also thought if the joint was bad that it would have slack to both directions.

Tell me what you guys think and if it's worth a shot at replacing the gearbox.

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Replace the box with one from an Impala, you will notice better turning ability and more control.
Your sector shaft is more than likely bent from the impact of the accident, causing enough damage to ruin the gear box. The shop that fixed it should have caught this damage during the first repair when they went to align the front end....


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I replaced everything in my wagon due to a steering problem. The last thig I replaced was the steering box and that was the problem.

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I would try to tighten the gears in the box first.
Adjustment is loosen nut turn allen screw to remove play.
If the wheel is not at 3 and 9 when done it is a alignment issue to straighten the steering wheel out.
A search will get you more detailed instructions on it.
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