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Fleetwood Steering Dampner: Sources

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There was some discussion a good while ago about the steering dampner for the Fleetwood. Roadmasters had them as well. Goes without saying it requires the dedicated centerlink for the steering dampner. I have that information as well but anyone can look it up, as would seem could be done for sourcing steering dampners. I figure if I can do it how hard can it be?

Was surprised to bring up all available at one site.The info pasted over below and here is the link as well:

There are four listed . Click into the individual descriptions for all the years they fit. Price range is within reason as well.

Richard Snipes
4501 Safari in Jax, FL

Moog SSD77 Steering Damper
Moog - SSD77, MOSSD77

Moog SSD77 Steering Damper Features: Use on Cadillac 1977 - 1995 cars Designed as stock replacement Improves chassis performance and durability Easy to install
from $40.65
(16 sellers)

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No Image ACDelco 509-608 Strut Assembly
AC Delco - 509608, 509-608, AC509608

from $25.12
(8 sellers)

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KYB - SS10200, KYSS10200

KYB Steering Stabilizer is designed to restore steering control. It is made from sturdy material and minimizes steering vibration as well as wheel shimmy for reduced tire wear. This steering stabilizer is highly durable and ensures easy installation. Features: Designed...
from $23.00
(12 sellers)

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Auto Saver/Monroe SC2922 Stabilizer Cylinder
Monroe - SC2922, TSSC2922

Monro-Magnum Steering Stabilizer is ideally suited for trucks, vans, and four wheel drive vehicles. This cylinder stops the vibration before it gets to the driver. It increases control under all driving conditions by reducing steering shimmy and driver fatigue. This stabi...
from $23.02
(16 sellers)

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@4501 Safari created a great thread. Despite its dating back to 2010, it helped me find the right damper to install on my new-to-me 1996 FWB (the damper still works pretty well, but it's one of the few "consumable" components on my car that has not been replaced for years and so I will change it as a precaution).

The current offerings, AFAICT, seem to be down to just two--the KYB and Monroe appear to be gone:

1. the AC Delco 509-608, which is available from GM Parts and from Rock Auto, among others;
2. the Moog SSD77, which is out of stock at most of the reliable online retailers (Summit, O'Reilly, etc.), with stock refills anticipated to happen in 2-8 weeks. Luckily, I found one left today at Rock Auto this afternoon for $53.25 and bought it.

The listing on the RA website has (temporarily) been removed from the site. Here is the link as it was this afternoon. It will be interesting to see whether/when stocks will be replenished. If not, then it's down to the AC Delco--which is unfortunate for Roadmaster owners, as the Moog part is said to work better on the RMS/RMW than on the Fleetwood.
This might be the highest-quality necropost that I've ever seen.

You will be spared.
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My recollection is the Chevys have no provision (hole) in the centerlink to affix a steering stabilizer. Unaware whether there's provision on the frame horn to mount it. Measurements would show whether a Cady/Buick centerlink is the same dimensions. But if so, it'll be important to check which, if either, side a frame mount is waiting unused in order to match the mount with the correct centerlink. And yes, I made that sound more complicated than it might be.
The center link dimensions are identical, and thus they are interchangeable.

BUT... From memory I don't think the Caprice or Impala has the mount on the frame.

Also, this thing is not a real upgrade. It's something they sold to old people in response to a psychiatric problem.
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