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Fleetwood trunk pics?

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Hey guys, I know the extra length between the B- and D-body is in the passenger compartment, but is the trunk any bigger? Seems the back glass is smaller (closer to vertical) so there might be a little more room. Or is it just a bigger decklid? Got any pics? :D
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Andrew~ I don't have any pics yet, but I would bet that the trunk is bigger. It sure does look bigger than my 9C1's did (and I didn't think THAT was possible!
) I'm pretty sure it's deeper, because the FW quarters stay flat, where the imp's slope down towards the taillights... The sides are taller too...

I hope I can fix my PC at home soon so I can post some pics.
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Thanks, Bill.. that's kinda what I'd thought. The body panels are less curved too, aren't they? I'm getting to like these cars more every day. ;) Next car will still be a 9C1 though, unless I win the powerball tomorrow!
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