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FOR SALE - 1996 Impala SS: Original owner

FOR SALE! 1996 IMPALA SS: 4dr Sedan 8-cyl. 350cid/275hp SFI

COLOR: Dark Cherry

LOCATION: Riverside, California

ASKING PRICE: $11,00 - bring your best offer....

MILEAGE: 63,270

** ORIGINAL OWNER - CAR NEVER ALTERED with the exception of adding K&N filter **

If you (or someone you know) are looking for an outstanding opportunity to drive a powerful, classic, original owner car, now is your chance to buy one with the best pedigree you can get.

If you know me, you know how I care for my vehicles, and my prized Impala SS is no exception. This Dark Cherry stunner has been my pride and joy since she rolled off the production line in September of 1996, the last year they were produced (only 12,180 Dark Cherry Impalas were made that year).

I was a member of the Southern California SS Group when they were active and have shown this car several times at their car shows. In 2002, BEST SHOW ROOM STOCK award given by SoCAL SS Club in Las Vegas.

This car has never been exposed to the elements, has never been altered with the exception of adding a K&N air filter which does not alter the integrity of the car (no internal parts altered), and has always been garaged and/or under a custom car cover.

* Solidly built, 5.7 motor which is the same as a corvette at the time of it's production.

* Only driven to church and local leisure cruising (and to Las Vegas in 2002 for the SoCAL SS Car Show).

* Superior engine

* Excellent interior condition. Leather interior.

* Excellent exterior condition and paint. See "DISCLOSURE"

DISCLOSURE: Small abrasion on back left driver bumper which occurred in driveway against retaining wall, which does not detract from overall appearance of car. You have to really look to see this. I have included a close-up photo which magnifies it. The cost to repair is approximately $1,500 but I have opted to reflect that in the selling price of the car rather than do a minor repair that the new owner may choose a different option.

* Clean VIN number, ORIGINAL OWNER.

* Standard maintenance records have been retained along with regular oil changes. Car driven regularly to keep it in top condition.

* Leather interior


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