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For Sale - RMW - Blue - Rear facing seat

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Anyone interested in a 3rd row rear facing seat in blue for a RMW (Roadmaster Wagon)?

They are boxed up and taking up space I need.

(I pulled them for a buyer last year who said he would take them and then said shipping was too much. (I don't make the UPS charges, I just pay them) Then someone else said they would take them and I never heard from them again.)

If anyone has interest, I'll post pics.

Located in Columbus, Ohio

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How much are you wanting for one?
one side, like only the top? or only the bottom?

How about $100 for set or $50 per side + shipping

I'm open to offers too, since I want them out of my way.
Anyone, anyone...?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts