For Sale – Roadmaster Front Seats and Console – Beige/Tan

It’s time to clean out some of my inventory.

I’ve had the front seats and center console from a Roadmaster Estate Wagon in my basement for about 16 years.

They are the beige/tan leather. I’m sorry but I don’t remember the model year Roadmaster that was the donor car.

I was going to put these seats into my ’96 Driftwood Metallic B4U Caprice Classic but I found a full leather interior and these Roadmaster seats went into storage in my basement.

As you can see, the center console has the two-part lid with the twin cup holders in the front section.

There are no rips, tears, or punctures in the leather that I recognize. There is obvious wear and creases in the leather. There is some discoloration in some places on the seat bottoms as shown in two of the photos.

I will gladly take more pictures if you want to see these at a different angle.

I did not buy these front seats with the seat tracks or any seat belts. You should be able to use your existing tracks and belts.

I live in Western PA, just East of downtown Pittsburgh.

I am not interested in trying to box/crate these up to ship them. I have no doubt that shipping/freight would cost a small fortune and a lot more than I want for the seats themselves.

I will drive 250 miles in any compass direction to meet you if that would help you make the purchase.

I want $150 for all 3 pieces. I would prefer to not split them up.

IM me through the Forum or e-mail me directly at [email protected]

Thanks for looking.