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Guys, I was installing the NEW power steering pressure hose. Boom connected to the New power steering pump. Everything great I squat down, kneel, lay, swivel my body to face the sky and reach for the New power steering hose to install it to the NEW (Reman lol) power steering gear. AND IT DOESN'T thread properly. It feels like its cross threading but I am not cross threading the threads.... Why? How? Why does my OLD leaking power steering line thread in perfectly into the new steering gear? and the New one does not?

Side Note: I had a leak a while ago, attempted to change it and the same thing happened however the last time I just swapped out the old power steering pressure hose. So I decided to buy everything new to not have any issues...

Also I am threading it into the correct port. No O-ring in the New power steering gear. O ring on the new pressure line... Whats going on? I am really upset I was done connecting about half of the harness back on engine..... Help me complete my mini rebuild!


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Not sure what you're saying regarding no o ring in the pump but one on the hose...

As far as the threading is concerned, it's a PITA, plain and simple. :)

I had the same experience changing mine.

My GUESS, assuming you're SURE you have the correct hose, AND the correct pump, is the alignment.

You could try gently threading the new hose into the old pump, if you still have it just to check. Visually compare the threads.

For the alignment, you want to get the new hose so that the fitting is centered over the hole AT REST. If you have to force it into position, this makes threading it properly difficult. You might need to gently bend the tube a little to accomplish this.

A little power steering fluid on the threads can also help. Just be sure it's going on smoothly before you put much force on it.

Good luck!

Your engine looks good!
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