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Former MBA Billet Items

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Ok Gang I hooked up with the guy that has the close out items for MBA Billet. I wanted to see if anyone was interested in a group buy of any of the items. Here is a link to his photos.

All orders are going through Bob now. You can contact him here Robert Kowalski Jr [email protected]
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PM'ed. Thanks for setting this up man.

If your out of stock of something someone was looking for can you Pm back that its out of stock? I havent had a response to my Pm. Thanks
Please keep me in the loop with this as I'm ready to purchase as soon as I get the word!
PM sent and money is ready.
pm sent yesterday just waiting for reply...
Hahaha.I have a feeling A LOT of us are gonna be S.O.L. on this deal....
You mean I got a chubby for nothing? I was looking to upgrade but it looks like my interior got the last laugh, until further notice.
Just waiting on the word for payment.
let's see

PM sent
I havent heard anything either....
i was going to make list but not going to send it if there isn't any reply back.
yeah i want to order these parts but not getting no response. wish i knew bobs email...
I am also waiting for a reply with payment ready...
41 - 60 of 313 Posts
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