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Hello Members!

Since we created this website back in 2000, it has grown by leaps and bounds – and so has the amount of maintenance that is required to keep things running smoothly. As many of you are well aware, over the past year or so, I have not been able to devote as much time and attention as I used to towards system maintenance. In order to help return the site to a more efficient level, I have chosen to sell the Forum to a company called AutoGuide, which operates hundreds of automotive forums – they will take over the hosting and maintenance of the website. Because of all of the problems we were experiencing with my previous hosting company, the website has already been copied over to AutoGuide’s servers – this should help keep the website running smoothly.

Although AutoGuide is taking over the operational aspects of the website and you may see some changes appear as a result, the forum itself should not be greatly affected. I will still be involved with the website as much as time permits, and the existing moderator staff will still maintain their rights and roles in the forum. At some point in the near future, additional staff will be brought on board to provide extra assistance to the community. The vast majority of the forum’s existing rules and regulations will stay in place – the last thing we want to do is negatively impact your experience on this website. So please buckle up and have fun while we attempt to make this website even better!

Scott Williams / HACK
Impala SS
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ha ha, I beat you too it.
A complete listing of every forum they own, and DAAAYUM its long!

.......nothing I can't work with.
Not until they're bought out by google or yahoo anyway eh. That's every web company's dream in life ain't it? And, the collectives will only allow an outfit to get so big on the nut before they're forced into assimilation.

The tinfoil hat borg collective guy was/is right. cwm2
Hard To Believe -

- coming up on 9 years since the changeover. I could swear I've gotten web search results resembling old BBS style format of pre-'09 threads, but wondering status of any/all recovery of great data loss (actually, intentional deletion) on this forum.

Oh BTW and FTR, this thread = winner of best facsimile of a Misc thread NOT in MISK.
The practice, up until a week ago anyways, was that any of your posts that still showed an 'Edit' button gave the option of wiping copy out, even to the extent of just leaving the blank placeholder husk of a post. After a certain arbitrary period the Edit button typically vanished, but possibly possible to contact Admin to request edits / excisions after that point.
Yah no longer on the bottom right of your reply. Someone had to point out to me that it moved. Look at the very top of your reply and over from where it shows you are Post #223, 19 mins ago, and see if it's there.
Wow, I don't see any of those but that doesn't surprise me. Numerous terms have changed from the old format, perhaps just as omage to change. - maybe the programmers get paid per each new word. I'd try "cancel" just FTHOI.
1 - 5 of 227 Posts
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