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Hello Members!

Since we created this website back in 2000, it has grown by leaps and bounds – and so has the amount of maintenance that is required to keep things running smoothly. As many of you are well aware, over the past year or so, I have not been able to devote as much time and attention as I used to towards system maintenance. In order to help return the site to a more efficient level, I have chosen to sell the Forum to a company called AutoGuide, which operates hundreds of automotive forums – they will take over the hosting and maintenance of the website. Because of all of the problems we were experiencing with my previous hosting company, the website has already been copied over to AutoGuide’s servers – this should help keep the website running smoothly.

Although AutoGuide is taking over the operational aspects of the website and you may see some changes appear as a result, the forum itself should not be greatly affected. I will still be involved with the website as much as time permits, and the existing moderator staff will still maintain their rights and roles in the forum. At some point in the near future, additional staff will be brought on board to provide extra assistance to the community. The vast majority of the forum’s existing rules and regulations will stay in place – the last thing we want to do is negatively impact your experience on this website. So please buckle up and have fun while we attempt to make this website even better!

Scott Williams / HACK
Impala SS
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wow...that was unexpected
I have spoken with the Tech guys and they will be working on merging the old data back into the site. I found it but was never able to merge it myself. Thanks for all of your support and I will still be here, working on the Forum and be there to help all members as I have in the past. I will also fight for you to make sure the site does not go down the drain.
Well Scott I think that's awesome. Hey if we had to trade a few ads to get back 8 years of data and classic posts it was all worth it.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE follow up vigilantly on this. Helena and VS will be heroes if they can do this!

Hack, thanks again for all you did.

And now, your penalty for not telling us mods what was going on is you owe ME a lap dance!
Hell if we had to trade HACK into white slavery to get 8 years of posts back I'm sure we would have voted for that too! :D

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Nope. Just the guy that started the Forum (with a lot of help).

Came up with the Sequentials for the B-Bodys.

Designed and build the Trunk Kits.

Maybe a few more things.

Just lil' old me.
Scott are you feeling confident they can restore the old data?

I'm so glad you found it. Now to import it.

Oh yeah, make sure they restore the MISC too, lot's of classic stuff there. Epic classic stuff.
How can we forget BK's garage mahal thread?
Losing that thread along with other ISSCA Nats threads, SSHS threads, ECIRS event threads, etc that I literally spent hundreds probably thousands of hours posting pic by pic with commentary over time really took the wind out of my sails for a while.

If we got a lot of that back that would be outstanding.

The jelly bean thread. The Dockers thread. The INC wars. Jimbeau vs Paul. The April 1 thread by Noel which turned into the PAY UP BOB thread. Oh Lord there are some classics in there. Creep stuff, Miss Jackson stuff, I'm getting giddy just thinking about it. The Keef Meef bumper dragging thread alone is worth it's weight in gold. The list goes on and on and on.

Plus, the real stuff with threads by George Debski (Cherry Bomb) and JPG (Miami Speed) and all the other founding fathers.

Hell all my old blower car threads (and failures) and the 502 thread. Not to mention the thread when I blew my motor. Or burned my car to the ground. Damn!

BTW, everyone's post count should go up too, I know I lost 5000 posts and some of the older members lost 10,000 post or more (like Ed Runnion and BBBrian Ghetto Wagon).

I think I just jizzed a little bit thinking about it.
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Open wide. It's a little salty but it's high protein and low calorie! Trust me it's good for you! I wouldn't lie to you, I'm pre-med!
Yea, that and $2 will get you a cup of coffee anywhere. :rolleyes:
That's not why I mentioned it. As usual the point flew over your head.

I mentioned it because I will no longer be the embarassingly loser-ish top poster. I will slide down into the abyss where I belong. I hate being top poster (especially since I'm not).

Also, some of the newbs will realize Ed has been here since day 1 and has posted a lot of great info. His post count is uber-low since the big changeover which is a shame since he contributed so much. And real useful stuff, not like the crap I post.
I can testify that BK posts alot of crap.
Next time I see you I'm gonna crap in your mouth. Just the way you like it.
Hmm, perhaps because it's a point that only tools with diarrhea of the fingers would understand.

Then bring back the member numbers.
I sense a lot of anger with you lately Grasshopper. I don't think you want to go down this path, but it's your call.

Why do you need member numbers when everyones forum start date is in every post they make?
And require a membership to access the classifieds.
Why do you guys keep saying this? Did I miss something? Has this been announced?
Maybe because I'm a moderator I can't see the new stuff? I don't see any ads. No membership info on paying?
You guys really let you imaginations run wild.....

We will NOT be charging you to look in the classifieds, it isn't like that on any of my 53 sites... so your all crazy cwm3 and the sites that do have it and we own... it was like that before we got there...

Next, the Mic section and the Cabaret section will not be changed... they may require a password - THAT YOU WILL ALL GET- just because google and yahoo bots will black list the site for porn... or like on my Kawi forum they have a more then 5 posts are allowed in those sections... its just to prevent google searches for porn popping up our site...

Also the Premium membership program will not take affect for a while and no one will have to pay to view the site... shess...

The lost content is being worked on, but it will take a few weeks before it can be put back on... but we are working on it...

Guys we aren't here to charge you to have access to a site that you have had free for a while...
God Bless ya Helena! Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Maybe we should sticky your post and lock it so it can be viewed here and in MISC and in CONCERNS.

funny as soon as this is brought up there is a sponsored ad it makes me wanna cwm8cwm8cwm8cwm8cwm8
Ryan relax man! It's going to be ok.

I'm sure we see ads for other cars since the owner sells it in bulk. In other words, buy an ad from us and we will put in on 5 or 53 sites we own. It's business guys, chillax.

As far as the 3 extra inches not being a big deal...Goldy wanna go camping? :D
It might just be my internet connection is having a good day , but the site seems way faster today than its ever been?????
and yes...the forum seems to be ****ing flying today!
Lorne I've been on this forum for 8 years and only a mod the last few. I've been the exact same since day 1 whether I had mod powers or not. So kindly STFU.

And, I kiss no ones ass and expect no one to kiss mine. That's not how life works.

You are under some bizarre fantasy that I give a rats ass when in reality I come here to have fun and BS with my friends. When someone acts like a freak or inappropriately I act the exact same to them as I would in person. If you ever came to an event you'd see that. So, see above. STFU.

So BK = fun. If I want actual B-Body info I call Paul or Ed R or Shane about a tranny or Pat Gish about racing. And of course I call Erik for a good time. This place is mostly for fun now. Especially once we get the old info back, the newbs will LOVE the missing info.
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I deleted my profile here a few years ago when the site crashed so they aSSume I'm a newbie..

Same thing is happening with you now huh.Negativity I sense???
I'll clarify myself here as well Sir.....

You only know of what you see.I asked a question and received my answer on the first page.. I was directly yelled at for something I did not do POST WHAT WAS IN THE STICKIES,yes I will defend myself.(another member posted it,its still on there in his reply) on my thread. My topic isnt in the stickiesI USED THE ADVANCED SEARCH.So yes I am going to call them out as well but without calling names like they did..Simple,what they had to say was not relevant to my threads topic and just negative.Backing their words with no documentation or stats..

I didnt ask about big breaks,I clarified my posts no intention to argue,they assumed I was talking about the HD12 kit..I posted about slotted or drilled rotors nothing of HD12.. So yes I am upset that my thread was misunderstood and defended myself in a respectful manor.They did not.....
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