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Hello Members!

Since we created this website back in 2000, it has grown by leaps and bounds – and so has the amount of maintenance that is required to keep things running smoothly. As many of you are well aware, over the past year or so, I have not been able to devote as much time and attention as I used to towards system maintenance. In order to help return the site to a more efficient level, I have chosen to sell the Forum to a company called AutoGuide, which operates hundreds of automotive forums – they will take over the hosting and maintenance of the website. Because of all of the problems we were experiencing with my previous hosting company, the website has already been copied over to AutoGuide’s servers – this should help keep the website running smoothly.

Although AutoGuide is taking over the operational aspects of the website and you may see some changes appear as a result, the forum itself should not be greatly affected. I will still be involved with the website as much as time permits, and the existing moderator staff will still maintain their rights and roles in the forum. At some point in the near future, additional staff will be brought on board to provide extra assistance to the community. The vast majority of the forum’s existing rules and regulations will stay in place – the last thing we want to do is negatively impact your experience on this website. So please buckle up and have fun while we attempt to make this website even better!

Scott Williams / HACK
Impala SS
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any chance we can get the search function to work a little better for our specific needs. Trying to search for T56 related items is a b*tch since there is a minimum word/letter lentgh thats higher than 3 letters.
Yeah, that would be nice, but there is a work around for 3 letter items, type in T56*.
I am not happy with the a few of the SENIOR members.I see they are pretty demanding and lack common respect by the comments above..cwm8

I can see why someone hacked the forum and deleted the info now..

I can take them picking on me but I cant stand for slander and foul mouthed name calling..They need to act like adults not kids..They troll the forum and bash on my topic with no relative value of stats..I wish I could delete the whole post,I deleted mine to move on but they are relentless..They have no idea what or who...I or we are.. I do appreciate the few NICE SR members who actually have great input and stay on the thread topic.Thank you for cleaning the site up and monitoring us crazy people..Muggzz
Archived before he deletes his thread. :rolleyes:
Muggzz has a difficult time communicating clearly.
Coles notes: I think he is frustrated because some senior forum members came down on him for deleting a bunch of posts in a thread in which he started an argument.
Muggzz misunderstood how our data loss happened and made 'non relative comments'.
Maybe you should introduce yourself. cwm5
Since we created this website back in 2000...
You should probably explain your thought process, seeing you joined this month.
1 - 4 of 227 Posts
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