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Hello Members!

Since we created this website back in 2000, it has grown by leaps and bounds – and so has the amount of maintenance that is required to keep things running smoothly. As many of you are well aware, over the past year or so, I have not been able to devote as much time and attention as I used to towards system maintenance. In order to help return the site to a more efficient level, I have chosen to sell the Forum to a company called AutoGuide, which operates hundreds of automotive forums – they will take over the hosting and maintenance of the website. Because of all of the problems we were experiencing with my previous hosting company, the website has already been copied over to AutoGuide’s servers – this should help keep the website running smoothly.

Although AutoGuide is taking over the operational aspects of the website and you may see some changes appear as a result, the forum itself should not be greatly affected. I will still be involved with the website as much as time permits, and the existing moderator staff will still maintain their rights and roles in the forum. At some point in the near future, additional staff will be brought on board to provide extra assistance to the community. The vast majority of the forum’s existing rules and regulations will stay in place – the last thing we want to do is negatively impact your experience on this website. So please buckle up and have fun while we attempt to make this website even better!

Scott Williams / HACK
Impala SS
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Are we still going to be able to post/make threads as usual in all sections (including the Parts & cars For Sale/Wanted section) without a paid membership?
And now, your penalty for not telling us mods what was going on is you owe ME a lap dance!
Stop trying to make HACK feel quilty....
Speaking of Cracka, where is he anyway???
They already knew he was gonna be trouble, so they had him disposed of.
The lost data was received by Tech yesterday. They will be working on the import soon.
Great news! :)
I think we will still have an information gap from 07 to 09, since the old forum software changed in over 07, and I don't think we had a back up for 07 to 09. But we'll still be in good shape if we can at least get those 7 years back. Keeping my fingers crossed...
funny as soon as this is brought up there is a sponsored ad it makes me wanna cwm8cwm8cwm8cwm8cwm8
Seriously? What's the big deal about having to scroll down an extra 3 inches? cwm3
The average for premium is 15 ( one year )
Average for life time is 50-60 ( one time pay)
But the only difference in the premium and the free is extras like
less adds
moving avatar
fancy signature
things like that,
not things like viewing the site.
Not really a big deal, but with a premium membership do you think it could be possible to edit our user titles (instead of just saying stuff like senior member)?

I hope we can still keep a rules in place for signature/avatar sizes. I hate when forums let people have huge pictures in their sigs... Then feel the need to leave their sig on in every post in the same thread, so you end up seeing the same huge picture 15 times on a page.
I can see why someone hacked the forum and deleted the info now..
The forum was not hacked. A file was accidently deleted by an incompent employee of the old hosting company and they did not have a back up copy....
While I'm thinking about it, has there been any progress on recovering the lost data from the old UBB forum back ups? I know there was talk about getting it back 5 or 6 months ago... It sure would be awesome to get at least those 7 or 8 years of old data back....
So... it's been three and a half years since that update... how's the old info coming along?
This is the latest update. I have been badgering them about it behind the scenes. This was posted 6/23/14 in the mod section. Evidently it needs to be converted again...

From Richard this morning:

Hi Alan,

We have located some content that is older than 8/6/09. It will likely require a custom conversion tool to make accessible to the community again. And we won’t have time to start working on these conversion tools until sometime next week. The good news is though we will likely be able to bring some older content back for them in July.

~ Alan
1 - 13 of 227 Posts
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