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It seems that many people are not aware of (or have forgotten) the official Forum Rules, so I thought I would post a reminder for them cwm1

Welcome to Impala SS Forum, THE Impala SS / B-Body Forum!

All of the administrators and moderators here at would like to thank you for registering with the premier Impala SS/B-Body forum on the net! You can now share knowledge and experience with other Impala SS, Caprice, Roadmaster, and even Fleetwood lovers from around the world.

You can ask any question and you will most likely find someone here who has "been there, done that" and will be able to give you the valuable information you need which may be very difficult, if not impossible, to find anywhere else. If you have no questions to ask, you may have that one elusive piece of information that another member desperately needs.

Maybe you just want to brag on your car or share racing stories. We have sections which are right up your alley. The Impala SS is a wonderful automobile. It is only natural that we who are lucky enough to own one want to brag about it!

To maximize the usefulness and the enjoyment of this forum we ask that you adhere to a few simple guidelines:

1 - No vulgar language or slanderous remarks. We should all behave like adults and should take the "plays well with others" approach. If you should happen to find yourself having a serious problem with another member, feel free to contact any administrator or moderator. That's part of what we're here for.

2 - To maximize efficiency and speedy loading of pages we ask that signature pictures be no larger than 100 pixels in height. Signature pictures are encouraged, but not necessary. If you have a picture of your car, show it off! If you have no place to host a picture from, we will be happy to host it for you!
Contact: [email protected] for picture hosting.

3 - No "smilies" other than the smilies provided by the forum should be used. Smilies imported from other websites can sometimes cause slow page loading and, in some cases, may prevent some members from being able to load the page at all!

4 - The "Vendor" section is the ONLY place where vendors may advertise. This section is also open for posts by members who have organized a group purchase. There is a "For Sale/Want to Buy" section which is free for all non-vendor members to use. We even have a "Impala SS / B-Body for Sale" section where you may advertise a car for sale. The Group Purchase Section is for members to set up Group Purchases with Vendors.

5 - Posts may be edited by administrators or moderators in the event that there is a problem with the "loadability" of a page (usually caused by situations mentioned in sections 2 and 3 above) or when there is a gross violation of these guidelines. Editing is rarely done and should not, as a rule, be taken as censorship.

Thank you again for joining our forum. We believe that you will find your experience here enjoyable and informative. Be sure to let anyone you know who owns an Impala SS or B-Body know about the forum. With new members joining every day, the knowledge base is expanding quickly!

Sincerely, The Administrators & Moderators at
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