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Freaked up 94-95 Impala SS console $15

I have a freaked up 94-5 Impala SS console. The good part is that the back mounting holes are all there (good for repair) The bad part is that some donk rider got a hold of it and cut the console up. It had various screw holes, bad cut marks (One cup holder has a cut hole in it) See pictures. Its a project that's forsure. Who knows maybe one could put a piece of ABS plastic in it and make a custom center. A console lid is not included. $15 buys it + whatever shipping is Will trade with cash for a BBB OEM Impala SS Grille in good shape.

To think this same car had Impala SS seats and door panels in good shape but I was not able to save it in time! Its amazing what the Donk stompers trash!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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