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I'm in the process of parting out a 96 9C1.

That said, I'm not done with it so nobody get their panties all bunched up yet.

When I'm done, whoever wants to get whats left is welcome to it.
I'd rather see it go to somewhere it'll get used instead of the crusher

The back was hit and the rear 1/4s, trunk, etc are toast. I believe the roof is bowed but the frame looks straight. It did drive just fine as is.

It will have to be removed on a trailer as I'm taking the rear end out of it and the front springs. It will have no wheels so it won't roll so a winch would be key.

Mostly it'll be a frame/body shell with a few parts attached. Not sure if the seats are staying or going yet, but the doors will most likely still be on the car.

So far, engine tranny rear are gone, front clip is gone, dash and AC parts in pass compartment gone. Car is located in West Palm Beach FL near the airport.

If interested let me know and we can work it all out. I have a bout two weeks left before my buddy throws it out of his garage.
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