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I am throwing in the '94 T-Bird LX V8 4.6 with the '95 Caprice in my other ad. This car has approximately 75,000. We bought it for my granddaughter a few years ago with approx 48,000mi on it verified via Carfax. She drove it to high school for 2 years and acquired a few minor dents. She replaced it for college and I ended up with it I have been using it as a DD for about a year.
It has good tires, the A/C works fine, I bypassed the heater core because it is difficult to change. It has a bad instrument cluster and I have a new used one for it I haven't installed. It recently started overheating. The mechanic says it's a headgasket. No water in oil or steam out the exhaust so it os a slow leak. It starts right up and idles smooth and you can drive it for about 5 minutes. It has a later model stereo with bluetooth and USB port.
Clean CA title, reg and smog coming up this month.

I need to move these cars so I am making it a package deal with the Caprice.

$2000 for both cars. Bring a trailer.


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