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Hey all! I need some help. I am rebuilding my front-end and adding new driveshaft because I have 3.73 gears and going to put on Hotchiks X-tend trialing arms.

Here is my list of things to purchase. I will be purchasing as much as I can from Summit and the rest from Prestons here in FL. Did I miss anyting?

~From Prestons~
Hotckis X-tend Trialing Arms

~From Summit~

Drive Shaft
IED-IC9496A Inland Empire Driveline Drive Shaft for Impala with x-tend trailing arms $324.95

HSS-2205 Hotchkis Swaybar 1 7/16in front and 1in back

MOOG and Front end related
MOG-DS899 Centerlink $65.99
MOG-ES2004S Sleeves Adjustable 2x10.00 = $21.98
MOG-ES2019RLT Outer Tie Rod End 2x21.69= $43.38
MOG-ES2020RLT Inner Tie Rod End 2x19.99= $39.98
MOG-K5208 Upper Ball Joint 2x22.99= $45.98
MOG-K145T LWR Ball Joint Enhanced Design 9/16" 2x20.39= $40.78
***Is that the correct size for 96 Impala***
MOG-K6210 Control Arm Shaft 2x39.99= $79.98
MOG-K6409 Upper Control Arm Busings Kit of 4 $31.99
MOG-K6419 Lower Control Arm Bushings Kit of 4 $39.99
MOG-K6187T Idler Arm $25.39

I don't need shocks I just put in Edelbrok IAS and very happy with them.

Did I leave anything out? I just want to make this a complete list of parts and a round about price for each part. It
will make a reference for anyone else who is looking to do the same. Anyones inout would be great.

I am going to miss the SoFASST crew. Will be moving to Springfield Illinois next month and looking for an Impala club closest to Sringfield. Any help would be great.

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Just curious, any reason why you are replacing all of those front end parts?

Some parts wear quicker than others, if you are not noticing any significant problems, I would not worry about replacing all the parts. I have gone this route myself, turned out I did not need to replace everything.

If you are having front end trouble, I would check into the idler arm, centerlink, lower ball joints, and don't forget ALIGNMENT.

FYI, a lot of the front end parts have been discussed before. Give the search feature a try. Below is a link to moog front end components.

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DUDE, thanks for the info about that club. I e-mailed them a while ago and haven't heard anything back. I know I have to get a winter car, but looks like I am stuck using this car for one year. Then it hits the garage for a 383 build up. Short on cash until I get settled in. Any suggestions on what I should do to prep my car for Illinois weather? Shoot, I never seen snow.

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FYI, you probably don't need the upper control arm shafts you've listed. Those are the offset shafts. Their intended purpose is to allow you to compensate for something like a tweaked frame. People use them because they will, if you want, let you go a little more extreme on the front end alignment specs if you want to at some point (useful in things like autocrossing, I understand). If you are going to replace the shafts anyway, then you might as well go with them to give yourself that option later, but chances are you don't need to replace the shafts at all.

Brian's right. You probably don't need to replace all of those parts. You might want to have a good front end shop look at your car and walk through the list with you to see if you can pare it down. On the other hand, if your car has really high mileage, you might as well get it all done in one shot and save yourself the time and repeat labor costs (if you don't do the work yourself) of doing it piece meal. That's what I did and I don't regret it (but it was pretty expensive and it took a good chunk of my time to do all that work at once).

One thing you may want to consider is getting in touch with Bill Harper (Navy Lifer) about his replacement control arms. They are a little pricey, but they come fully assembled (i.e., things like bushings, ball joints and cross shafts already installed) and they are powder coated, so they're pretty ;) . Another thing to consider would be DelAlum bushings (which you can get in control arms ordered through Bill too). If you do a search in the suspension forum you should turn up a lot of discussion on these. Again, they are more expensive, but better and longer lasting.

I recently did what you are considering doing now and I ended up going with all the Moog parts you've listed above except the bushings (I went DelAlum) and I decided to use the control arms from Bill because at the end of the day the price differential wasn't outrageous once I factored in paying a shop to press in the new bushings and it was a lot more convenient to get the arms already assembled. Also, Bill was a pleasure to deal with and very helpful when I had questions.

Hope this helps.

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Bill Harper has been a great friend to have,I can almost throw a rock to his place from here,and thank goodness for that!I'm getting complete arms through him ,good components,and they look awesome.He has many options to choose from ,so it wouldn't hurt to check him out!

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I can get almost anything you need to do a replacement rebuild, whether you're looking for a complete kit or just individual components. I am a dealer for PST, and I sell their Polygraphite bushing line. Just letting you know what's out there.

I sell the Moog DS899 center link for $40 with free shipping.
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