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Front Sway Bar Choice + matching rear bar

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I'm running a 1-1/4" Addco sway bar on my 77 Cadillac Coupe Deville, same frame as the 94-96 Fleetwood, I am running SpeedTech control arms, stock Impala SS springs, Monroe severe duty shocks, Stock Impala wheels, 255/50/17 tires, 5/8" spindle for Caprice, in short the entire front end was rebuild using 94-96 Impala/Caprice parts. My problem is severe tire rub with the Addco sway bar. This is a problem that must be solved, because of where I live I must make a u-turn at a cut-thru on a 4 lane road, this requires full steering lock to make the turn and not hit the curve, I don't have the option of just not turning the steering wheel to full lock. I have placed a WTB in the buy/sell section for a stock SS sway bar, figuring that it should clear the tires. However one of the members suggested the f-body sway bar. My question is about tire clearance, what works well and will clear stock size Impala wheels and tires. Right now I have no choice but to remove the Addco bar as the tire rub is at a dangerous level. If the f-body sway bar is a good choice what would you run for the back?

If I recall the Hotchkis setup was subject to breaking when subjected to turning/backing down a steep driveway onto a level road. Since this also describes the driveway to my house, plus I tend pull out quickly due to traffic, I don't think the Hotchkis would be a good choice, plus I think it’s a little expensive at nearly $600 for front/rear.

Total weight for the car is about 4100 lbs, with a few more pounds on the front than stock due to a 514CID Cadillac engine. The engine made 511HP on the dyno, so I looking for a good handling setup, not a Cadillac soft suspension setup.

I know there used to be a lot of information about this on the forum, but it all seems to be gone.
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You may want to look into the Hellwig front bar. It is the same size as the Hotchkiss bar and I know on my RMS ever since I switched I have less rubbing on full steering lock than I did with my stock bar.
FYI, I got a BMR larger sized impala bar its called, My tires rub all day on it, just so you know. Rennick, what size tire r u running??
Rennick - What size tires are you running on your Roadmaster, I also own a Roadmaster and I don't have any problems with tire rub with the stock 235/70/15, but I'm not so sure it I were running 255/50/17's.
I haven't heard of any Hotchkis problems since they redesigned their rear swaybar. Not saying it's the best option for you, but if that's the way you want to go, it should be ok. +1 on changing your lower control arms too.
FYI, I got a BMR larger sized impala bar its called, My tires rub all day on it, just so you know. Rennick, what size tire r u running??
I run 285/40r18's.
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