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Chevrolet Caprice
383 Stroked LT1
Odometer reads 14x,xxx
-i dont think this is correct but this is the cluster that was in it when i bought it. if you check carfax i think the body itself has around 225k
Motor rebuilt in 2009
-motor harness was inspected/reloomed in 2009 as well
Trans rebuilt in 2008
Interior completely redone in 2010
Bodywork was done in 2008

Price is $8,000 obo. may seem high but there is over $25 invested and EVERYTHING on this car has been redone except for the rear end

Well everyone it's time to move on, i just cant see owning this car anymore and only driving it 5-6 months a year. I am in no hurry to sell it so if i dont get around what im asking it will just sit back in the garage. The car is a head turner everywhere i go. I am CONSTANTLY getting compliments on it from everyone young and old. The Interior is amazing and i won "best interior age 25 and under" at a car show with it. it truely is an amazing car. it has not seen rain or snow since i had it repainted and i have driven it less that 5000 miles in 3 years. There are very few things wrong with it and i am a nit-picker. i will list everything wrong later on and i mean everything. The car is well known and well loved in the b body community and i have several people that can vouch for me on here and in person. I have a bunch of old/extra parts that i will throw in with the buyer if they want them otherwise they will just get thrown away. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. The best way to get ahold of me is email at [email protected]

links to pictures:
Random high res shots
Body Work
More Interior shots
Random Pics

*****************Maintanence Related********************
entire front suspension was rebuilt in 2007
-upper ball joints
-lower ball joints
-stabalizer links
-tie rod ends
-shocks all the way around (less than 20k miles)
fuel filter was changed 11k ago
fuel pump was changed 11k ago
trans was rebuilt 11k ago
motor was rebuilt 3k ago
"used" opti was replaced 3k ago (said to have had 20k on it)
plugs replaced 3k ago
wires replaced 3k ago
New Battery in 2010
New Radiator in 2008
All new hoses in 2008
Front And Rear Pads Replaced in 2009
New Starter in 2010
Replaced PCM in 2009
New Turn signal switch in 2010

********************************Mod List**************************

30# Fuel Injectors
52mm Machined Matched Airfoil
52mm Throttle Body
A/C Delete Pulley
Air Conditioning Removed
AIR Pump Delete
Block Bored .30 over
Comp Cam
Comp Valve Lockers
Comp Valve Retainers
Comp Valve Springs
Coolant Reservoir painted black
Corvette Fuel Rail Covers
Custom Machined LT1 Throttle Body Top Plate
Eagle 383 Crank
Ebay Cold Air Intake Powdercoated Black
Engine Bay Painted Black
Export Pipes (Cats Removed)
Flowmaster Cat-Back Dual Exhaust Dumping Before Axle
FlowTech 2 3/8'' Cutouts
Hastings Rings
Heat Removed
Hooker Super Comp Headers Powdercoated Black
Hypertech 160* Thermostat
K&N Cold Air Filter
Motor Painted Black
MSD 8.5mm Spark Plug Wires
PCM Tune by Bryan Herter
PermaCool Oil Cooler And Bracket Made
Probe Pistons
Resonators in Exhaust Removed
Relocated Underhood Fusebox
Scat Connecting Rods
Throttle Body Bypass
Windshield Washer Hardware/Wipers/Reservoir Removed
Wire Harness Reloomed
Wire Tuck


Autometer Tachometer
Autometer Tranny Temp Gauge
Beast Sunshell
Corvette Servo
Lube Grooved Sun Gears
PermaCool Trans Cooler With Electric Fan
Raybestos ZPAK 3rd/4th Clutches
Tranny Cooler In Radiator Bypassed To External Cooler
Transgo Shift Kit
Transmission Converted To Vacuum Modulated


Suspension Techniques 3'' Drop Springs


Black Blazer Center Console
-Power Outlet Ran To Center Console From Under Dash Outlet
-Black Suede Armrest
Black Carpet with Black Floormats
Black Door Panels With Black Suede Tops
Black Leather Seats with Black Suede Inserts
Black Suede A/B/C Pillars
Black Suede Headliner
Black Suede Lower C Pillars
Black Suede Rear Speaker Covers
Black Suede Visors
Black Upper And Lower Dash
Blower Box Removed
Custom Gauge Pod Under Light Switch
Custom Retrofitted Compass/Mirror With Map Lights
JVC CD Player
LED Dome Light
LED Footwell Lights
LED Ashtray Light
LED Map Lights
Pioneer Speakers
Z34 Steering Wheel


12k HID kit
5% Tint All Around
5% Windshield Strip
35% Tinted Windshield
Camaro Z28 Hood Struts
Car Painted Nighthawk Black Pearl
Chrome "Door Guards" Removed
Chrome Around Fenders Removed
Chrome Door Trim Painted Black
Chrome Strip On Trunk Removed
Door Handles Painted
Fiberglass Front and Rear "Smooth" Bumpers
GlassTek 2'' Cowl Hood
Impala SS Grill
Impala SS Mirrors
LED License Plate Lights
Langness Duckbill Spoiler
LED Reverse Lights
Rear Fender Grooves Filled In
Rocker Panel Trim Painted Black
Smoked License Plate Cover
Shaved Roof Antenna
Shaved Spotlight
Tinted Corners
Tinted Headlights
Tinted Tail Lights
Trunk Emblem Shaved

Rims and Tires:

15x8 Rally Wheels Painted Black In Rear For Drag Radials
17x9 Front and 17x9.5 Rear Corvette ZR-1 Rims Powdercoated Black
2" Front & 2.5'' Rear Wheel Adapters
Black Gorilla Locking Lugnuts
Mickey Thompson ET Streets Drag Radials 275/50/R15

*************************Things that were done at the body shop*************
Color: Nighthawk Black Pearl
Black with a Blue Pearl

Mold rear quarter lips
Replace door lock tumblers (keyholes)
Relocate Mirrors
--Move from doors to corner of windows
----Saved old mirrorsleave this wire un hooker
Paint door handles body color
Paint door jams
Paint pillars in between windows body color
Install Spoiler

New Hood
Align and fit
Use current hood struts

Replace chrome badge with blue badge
Leave "mesh" black

Fill all empty open holes
Spray paint gloss black

Inner Fenders (Not Necessary If Not Enough Time)
Spary paint gloss black

Refill driver side hole from old cop wires
Shave rear antenna

Front Bumper

Driver Fender
Creases across top
Dent by corner light

Driver Door (Front)
Fill "C" notch on "A" pillar (old spotlight hole)
Horizontal crease in between door handle and mirror
Realign door at bottom (was crushed somehow at one time)

Driver Door (Rear)
Dent in "C" pillar
Horizontal crease in between door handles

Driver Rear Quarter
Rust? from quarter mounted antenna
Dents made from inside of trunk well

Trunk/Trunk Lid
Shaved Keyhole
Fill 3 holes on bottom of trunk lid
Spray inside of trunk with undercoating
Spray underside of trunk lid
----leave RPO sticker unsprayed if you spray the underside of the trunk lid

Rear Bumper

Passenger Rear Quarter
Pull fender out (crushed in)
Dent on bottom rear of wheel well
Dents made from inside of trunk well

Passneger Door (Rear)
Scrape/Pushed in towards middle-bottom

Passenger Door (Front)
Vertical dent above door handle
Vertical dent below door handle
Scrape/Pushed in towards middle-bottom

Passenger Fender
Small crease where fender meets bumper

This car is by no means a "daily driver". it is if you live in a well-tempered climate but several things have been "pinned out" aka removed:
-Heat removed
-A/C removed
-Wipers/washer resevior removed
-HVAC box removed
-Rear Defrost removed

there are a couple LIGHT scratches on the body in various places. should be able to buff out. most people dont even notice them but i do. the "biggest" one is on the trunk lid but i can barely catch my nail on it. it happens with any black car unfortunately

Power door locks do now work (could just be a relay im not sure)

There is an intermittant transmission problem - it is hard to explain. it runs/drives/shifts fine but occasionally when you go to get on it the shift points are messed up it seems

Needs tires. no chords showing but the front tires are cupped (low tread on outside and inside of tire, high tread on the center) and the rear tires are down to the wear bars

there is a vibration at around 70mph but i think this is due to the tires

the VERY bottom of the rear bumper has a some cracks in the clear only. the paint is fine but we were trailering it to a car show and the bumper caught and "hopped" on the pavement. it has been like this for 2 years and has not gotten worse. it is only noticable if its pointed out.

passenger front window needs the "window roller" fix. i have the parts i just havent gotten to it because i usually just leave the windows down.

The hood needs aligned. I never got around to it after i put the motor in. should be a simple fix

thats about it i cant really think of anything else wrong at all.

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I didn't read the whole ad...(nice details BTW)

No AC though...kinda sucks...everyone likes AC...always see old cars out here in the summer with the windows up and think, "that AC is working good".

GLWS, beautiful car.

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i had the covers sent to a friend of bob94. he does VERY good work.

bump. DRASTIC price drop

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i had the covers sent to a friend of bob94. he does VERY good work.

bump. DRASTIC price drop
Can we know what the drastic price drop is please.

Thank you, i have written and its the AC unit delete holding me back right now.. i'm not a mechanic and i don't know any mechanic i trust in the Dallas, TX area since i have dealt with brand new cars for so long or the very low mileage SS Impala i use to own.

Thank you!

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sorry, i edited the original post to reflect the price. i dropped the price to 8,000. i found a car i am interested so i am motivated to sell now.

i have the blower box for the AC but very little of the underhood stuff for it. i think the condenser is in the attic but you main issue will be not having the wiring for it. perhaps look into an aftermarket kit if AC is a critical issue for you.

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sorry, i edited the original post to reflect the price. i dropped the price to 8,000. i found a car i am interested so i am motivated to sell now.

i have the blower box for the AC but very little of the underhood stuff for it. i think the condenser is in the attic but you main issue will be not having the wiring for it. perhaps look into an aftermarket kit if AC is a critical issue for you.

Well after thinking this one over i can't do it because Texas inspections are tough here and i would need to do a lot to get it to pass it sounds like PLUS the AC work.

If only i was a youngster again where i could climb under the hood again.

Someone will get a killer car for tons less you can build this.

SOMEONE BUY THIS CAR SOON!!!!! Its beautiful

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Damn Jake..... dont sell it! What other car are you interested in?

Ok.. bump for a great car I have seen this car up close. Well if you do sell. I guess mine will be the only other bad ass b-body left in Omaha.

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i dunno right now i am mostly lookin at the TL type S

Great looking car!

Make sure you get the six speed TL. Drove one in the yay and loved it.

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wow, what a great looking car.
The wheels, the interior. VERY nice.

any interest in a 1995 Audi S6?
RS2 turbo, manifold, injectors
034 RS2 ECU
Porsche 993 Twin Turbo front brakes
Bilstein Sport Shocks
H&R Sport Springs

I'm getting the turbo rebuilt this weekend at Borg Warner. It was making 300wtq and 271whp (AWD) on a Mustang dyno with the blown turbo and a boost leak
should break into the 300s for hp and 320s for tq when everything is back together.

Would it be possible to reinstall the heat, AC and HVAC stuff? kinda need heat in New England
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