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I haven't been driving my white 9C1 enough in the past two years to justify keeping it. Looking to sell it for cheap, $500 obo, to another Impala/Caprice fan. Approx 117k on the odometer.

Previously in service on the mean streets of Mountain View. I've owned the car since 2007 - hard maintenance at a professional garage (Fred's Wrenchouse in Alameda), easy stuff at home. I'm an engineer and do engine work by the book.

Here's everything good and bad about the car, leading with the bad first.

- interior, exterior are rough. Not going to win best of show. headliner needs replacing due to slow leak in roof (poss. around rooftop cop light connector)
- ABS inoperative
- tires bald
- front end makes clunky sounds on sharp slow turns, needs work
- surface rust, missing paint, the patina of authentic miles :)
- an interior that was used hard by the prev owner (PD)
- aircon no longer blows cold
- fm radio from pick-n-pull. Same vintage as car. amaze your friends by playing cassettes.

OK, now the good

- LT1 engine
- cop package - oil radiator, transmission radiator, big alternator, beefed up suspension, certified speedometer, two spotlights (one disconnected)
- Engine passed smog in Dec/Jan with no problems
- Stealth bolt *and* metering bolt mod. Braking is excellent
- Dyno run on unmodded engine showed factory new performance ... back in 2009
- No engine codes (ABS light on because ABS is inop)

Other cop stuff and misc
- anti stab plates in front seats. handy for long road trips with stabby children
- rubber floor mats

Ask questions here or PM me and I'll answer 'em. Local sales only, cash only. No road test - this is a mechanic's special with bald tires. You're responsible for taking the car safely.

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Pics? Im going to be out in your area in two weeks.
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