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I bought these for a friend of mine and he just sold his car,so they are up for sale.

They are in nice used shape. Three wheels have no curb rash and one has a small 1/8 inch nick. Looks like the weighs have always been on the inside so there is no clear coat peeling on the edges They are factory wheels/center caps with 255/45/17 Kumho Tires that have a some tread left. One tires is worn from a bad front end alignment. All hold air and I could not fined any plugs bit the tires will need replacement soon.
This is what ($250) I have in them so I was trying to pass a good deal along to someone here that needs a set.

I will not ship these due to the cost, unless the person set ups the entire thing.

Price is $250 cash pick up or Paypal is fine if you pay the 4% fee they charge. Email me at [email protected] or PM if needed Thanks Kent


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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