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Selling left-over parts from my poor wagon, wrecked back in 2012. Saved the parts in case I needed them, but my son wrecked the back of the B4U...Grrrrr. Trying to raise some funds to get it repaired. Like to get $100 ea for the fenders, $75 for the bumper cover, $60 for the dash pad, and $40 for the lower dash.

Dash pad has a nickel-size blemish near the front edge. Can send picture if you are interested

Will consider trades in DGGM (lol) or something else that catches my whimsy (3,42 gears (lol) In beautiful MGR and ruby red. Driving to Louisville next week, so can meet to deliver along I70, I71 from Pittsburgh to Louisville, or 30 minute radius of Louisville, if I get ASKING price.

All prices contemplate buyer pays shipping costs.

Also, I need to fly to Louisville now, so won't be able to deliver parts week of 10/17. Do expect to be driving to Louisville sometime in November.

Also for sale locally


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