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Up for sale are early 70s 72cc heads. We built them for use in our Super Stock.

-1.95/1.50 heads
-Competition 3-angle valve job
-Mild pocket porting and gasket matching
-"Z28" style valve springs good for around .500 lift
-Planed (Originally 76cc, now 72cc)
-New valve seals and guides
-Freshly painted
-Will even throw in a set of old valve covers for them

Heads will be good for about 350 horsepower on a mild street build. We rebuilt them, bolted them to the racecar, then suddenly found a set of Vortec heads for a great price. They were too good to pass up, so we're selling these, partly to pay for the valvetrain in the new heads!

Asking $200.

I work at Carquest, so I can have these shipped just about anywhere in Ontario that there's a Carquest, so paying shipping is not a concern if you live in the province!

Feel free to respond here, by email through my profile, or private message.

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