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Nearing one month ago I had what "I thought" was a fuel pump problem. Had power all the way to the tank, could not hear the pump, must be the pump. I decided to shop on the Forum and purchased two fuel pumps, just in case. Purchased a new Walbro 255 for $80.00 shipped to me and $30.00 for a 7K mile stock pump. Of course tank was nearly full!

Removed tank installed Walbro 255 then reinstalled tank, still no go, what to hell? Out comes the tank again and this time I decide I should also check the sending unit wiring. There was the problem.

Called a friend of mine who just happened to have a new sending unit on the shelf, only problem was the sending unit was complete with yet anothe pump. For $180.00 I took the unit and installed, all OK. I had Chevrolet check the old sending unit and pump. Pump was great, sending unit junk.

Sooooo,,, if anyone needs a fuel pump I have two on the shelf and would sell them shipped to you for what I paid...

Have a great day.

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