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For sale are 3 exterior chrome panels from a Roadmaster sedan. It's been so long that I don't remember specifically which panels these are, but hopefully you guys know.

All 3 panels are in great shape, with no significant damage. One panel still has the trim piece on it, and the other 2 do not. The price is $40 shipped for each panel, or $100 shipped for all 3.

Also for sale is a "Caddy intake", which people like to use to convert the older style air cleaners to a modern cone filter or "cold air" setup. This intake is in flawless condition, and was removed from a gorgeous early 90's 4.9L. The price is $35 shipped.

EDIT: I enhanced the picture of the chrome panels to brighten it, and it really highlighted every little imperfection in the finish. These panels look much better in person, and are definitely suitable for a clean car. You would have to look very closely to find any sort of flaw.


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