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Xtant P500A Equalizer: The Xtant P500a is a stand alone signal processor, four channel input, and four channels out, tied to five bands of True Parametric Equalization, featuring balanced line input technology as well as an on-board noise gate.

Bands of Parametric Equalization: 5
Input: 4 channels
Each input linked to either 2 or 3 bands of equalization. All 5 bands linkable for use as a 2-channel component
Output: 4 channels
Selectable center frequencies per band: 20Hz to 20kHz
“Q” Adjustment: 1 to 10
Boost/Cut: +/- 18 db
Balanced line inputs: Yes
Input line to output gain: 0db+/-20db, 10db steps
On board noise gate: Yes
Operational voltage: 11 to 15 volts
Power supply: fully regulated, PWM
Fusing: 1 amp
Size: 9.9x9.9x1.7


Soundstream SS 511 Midrange 5 ¼ speakers (2), 4-inch speaker (1):

Power rating: 140 watts peak, 70 watts continuous.

Crossovers included!


E-MAIL ME: [email protected]
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