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When I gas up my Wagon 7 days before, the fuel needle shows more than Full.
After 40 miles the needle shows half on the last quarter of the indicator.
2 days before I gas up my wagon again and today I have 20 miles on my speedometer...and now I come to the problem...the fuel-needle shows again half on the last quarter!???
Is that normal???
My driving style has been unchanged all the time.
All miles are driven in town with 30-40 mph and much stop and go´s.

Often I think that my mpg is different every time I gas up the car!?

My mpg in town with "D" gear is sometimes 13-14 and sometimes 10-11.
On the Autobahn with 75 mph on cruise control and "OD" is 18-19 but sometimes 17 too.

I don´t know what´s wrong...It´s a pitty that there is no scangauge for OBD I to check & control my mpg.

The car has 89000 miles on the clock, almost driven in germany (I think with much town-miles).
Every 6000 miles the oil was changed with 10W30.
I read about the 5W30 Royal Purple oil in the past topics and I drive much in town, so is it advisable to change my oil in future with that Royal stuff to get a better mpg???

Maybe you can help me in my problem!?
I hope so...


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I don't know if the Caprice has a low fuel indicator light. I use the light on my dash and the mileage more than my gauge. When I fill mine it will go about a quarter of a tank past full. As I drive it will stay on full for a long time then it will fall to past half a tank almost overnight. There are several fixes for the gauge this seems to be the easiest:
Fuel Gauge fix

If you slow down to around 70 mph with the cruise you should see 20 MPG, I know this is slow on the autobahn but it is worth it to save Euro.

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Hi Piot,
It is common for the gas gauge on these cars to be faulty or incorrect. As mentioned, there are various fixes. I used the fix mentioned by's cheap and helped my gauge to work better......but it's not perfect. The only true fix is a new fuel sender, in most cases. Your MPG doesn't sound bad.....mine is about the same (14 in city, 18 on highway).

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Thanks...I´m happy, thats the fuel indicator is incorrect in these cars is normal.
Do you have test these royal purple oils to get better mpg in your cars?

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I can vouch for the fuel sender fix described by UberWagon. My needle falls like a feathery stone, as opposed to a 8-ton slab of granite now.

My 'half' indicator is more like a 3/5ths reading as opposed to a 2/3rds reading.

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