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Fuel Injector Woes

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I have 180k on my 1995 Roadmaster and I am having injector issues. It started about a month ago I started having difficult cold starts. I replaced the fuel pump earlier in the spring with a Racetronix. I did a pressure test and found the pressure gets to between 40-45 and starts to drop. The system looses pressure <2 minutes. Does anyone know if these Racetronix pumps have a check valve? When I initially replaced the pump I was not having issues. It was only after I put about 2000 miles on it when something started to seem off. I removed the fuel injectors and then cleaned them with pressurized carb cleaner. After flushing and back flushing, I put each injector in an ultrasonic cleaner with Seafoam for 10 minutes while actuating the injector with a pulse generator. I put everything back together and now the car went from hard starts, to flooding at starts and running with a miss.

My next idea is to remove the fuel rail again and prime the pump and check each injector for leaks. They were leaking before I cleaned them during this test but I did not re-test before I reassembled (cocky I fixed it). I have read in previous post people going to Cruzin Performance for injector cleaning services and I sent Rich an email. I described the situation and he claimed that the original Multec injectors have reached the end of service life and I would be better off sourcing new ones. If the the original injectors on these cars are reaching the end of life then the other LT1 cars must be toward the end of the road as well. It seems more common on the other forums people injectors are starting to give up.

So now what? AC Delco injectors are $80-$100 per injector. I like my Roadmaster for sure, but itself is reaching end of service life. Living in the rust belt does not help...

I have heard good reviews from this site and others on the ACCEL injectors but again, this is $400! Anyone had good luck finding a cheaper source?
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I was talking to the GM tech in 1997 Impala 1996 talked to the carb cleaner in the gas tank ...the GM tech is a no carb cleaner ,,, of the carb cleaner in the gas tank.... .. so I did not do the carb cleaner in all my GM engines of the gas injectors ...
my 1983 buick is a carb 307 cu in I was using the carb cleaner around 7-10K miles .in the tank... buick is 380K miles then sold it .looks very good no damage engine and transmission
Your Impala talked to carb cleaner? WTH are you talking about?
[ I removed the fuel injectors and then cleaned them with pressurized carb cleaner Tyther ]
GM techs and other Impala 1994-1996 members do not use the carb cleaner ...
I did the forums in 1996 ........LOL ...........
the GM OEM manual and the GM tech ,,,,,,,,,,, the GAS is now 10% alcohol ,,,,,,, the 1994-1996 Impala is 5% alcohol on the GM manual ...
I was using the Marine stabilizer in my Impala 2 OZ 15 gallons ...
I've sent many injectors to Rich Jensen over the years. Great results. Old school guy. Email and phone only. But does take PayPal.


He'll tell you if they have any leaks, flow issues, fuel contamination, internal corrosion, etc.

One side note, he does clean the outside of them very well, but does not coat them with any clear or sealing coating. They will flash rust in a humid/rustbelt climate if not sprayed with a "clear coat" or at least rubbed with oil once you receive them. You may want to ask him to paint them for you if you live in the rust belt.
I was in the electronic tech US NAVY I did the ultra sonic machine of the electronic modules ...I was repairing the submarines electronics ...
fuel injectors are a good person of it ..
NOW in todays world the injectors are 1994-1996 Impala NO INJECTORS ... The injectors are a modified , new injectors ..
the gasoline is 10% alcohol .. of the injectors then its damaged .. my marvel mystery oil of the gas tank 2-3 oz full the tank injectors are great .
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