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First,im new to the forum and i dig it.
This is a two part question,i resently
bought a MTI 396 short block, 306 Comp cam, ported LT1 aluminum heads (flow # [email protected] 289
[email protected] 600 198) 52 mm throttle body, finish line long tube headers, CAT delete, borla exhaust, 373 gears, PMAC killer 4L60E trans, BTE converter, and the electronic goodies to go with the ignition.
Turns out the converter's a little too tight. My 60 fts were in the 1.8's pushin thru the lights. BTE's sending me a looser version. Should stall about 3300 rpm I'm told. My problems start when I hit the 150 hp nitrous system by TNT ( My brothers are using the system with great success. They have F-bodies. I have 240 intank and a 250 inline NOS fuel pumps, Aeromotive adjustable fuel pressure regulator. As soon as I get in 3rd gear, my fuel pressure starts dropping fast and I have to turn my nitrous off. I've not remedied the problem. Can't find any restrictions in the fuel system. Had Ed Wright Auto dyno-tune and still the same problem on the spray. Any ideas? The car ran 11.82 @ 109. Ran 3rd gear out on motor, sucks.
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